Adjust the saddle this way to make your ride easier

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Some new riders always feel that they are not used to the height of the seat adjustment, they always have a feeling of pouting their buttocks, and think that it is not safe for their feet to reach the ground. Talk about common sense in this area, for your reference

一、 The effect of seat height on different models

Road Bike

Racing models sacrifice some of their comfort and convenience for speed. The proper seat height is one in which the rider sits on the seat with the heel of the pedal at the lowest point and the leg just straight enough to extend while the palm of the foot is parallel to the ground. Pedal with your toes to maximize force and protect the rider’s knees. And so adjust the height of the saddle, most people sitting on the seat is not enough to the bottom. And the body is easy to lean forward when riding, reducing the wind resistance.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes can be adjusted according to racing models when riding on climbs and gentle sections. However, when descending or rushing downhill, you must lower the seat, which is good for the center of gravity to move back at any time, and you can control the car better when you encounter a drop. Some riders are not very concerned about this issue, and many times in order to be cool try to raise the seat as high as possible, the higher the better, in order to ride up to look good. This leads to unstable riding and even injury.

The effect of seat height on the knee joint

The adjustment of the height of the saddle is very important in riding and directly affects the riding quality of the rider. If it is too high, when the foot is at the bottom, the leg will be stretched too straight and completely tense, which will cause too much tension on the knee joint. If it is too low, when the foot is on the top, the knee joint will be bent very tightly, causing injury and pain to the knee joint. The knee joint is a complicated joint with poor local blood circulation. Once it is damaged, it is difficult to heal itself

二、How to adjust the seat

Two-step height adjustment method

The first step is to loosen the seat tube clamp, clamp the seat with your armpit, stretch out your arm and use your middle finger to touch the center of the axis. Note that the arm should be relaxed and in a natural drooping state. This method uses the human body The proportion of the arm is measured, but this method may not be accurate. After all, each person’s arm length is different, and we can fine-tune it.

In the second step, after adjusting the height according to the first method, find a stepping point to ride on the bike, touch the tread surface with the front sole of the foot, step on the foot to the 3 o’clock position (horizontal state), and the knee should be perpendicular to the pedal In this state, when the pedal is pressed to the bottom, the leg extension angle should be kept at about 170°, and the leg is close to straightening.

Follow this method to fine-tune and position the height of the seat. This is a reference method for adjusting the height of the seat when riding at the beginning. After you have experience, it is easy to grasp the height of the seat.

Finally, a little tip for some riders who have knee pain caused by riding: if the pain point is in front of the knee, raise the seat cushion by 2~3mm, and if the pain point is behind the knee, lower the seat cushion by 2~3mm.

You can try it, hoping to improve the pain of the knee joint to a certain extent.

Explain the correct measurement method of the seat position and what position we need for the seat.

Correct measurement method:

The position of the seat can be divided into three dimensions: height, front and rear, and angle.

Let’s take a look at the height measurement first, first measure the length of your saddle, and find the center of your saddle, for example, if your saddle is 27cm long, then the center is 13.5cm behind the seat tip. Then make a mark.

The white mark is the center of your saddle

Then we use this center point as the starting point to measure the position of the center of the bottom bracket. Generally, it is better to find a hollow part on one side for the one-piece crankset. Then record it. This is the height of your actual saddle.

Some measurements fit on the left side and some on the right side

The confirmation of the front and rear positions of the seat is affected by many aspects. If you are used to your original car seat position, but you need to change the new bike, you can use this method to locate the front and rear positions of your new Bike.

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