Advantages of carbon fiber bicycle handlebars

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Carbon fiber is a high-strength and modulus high-temperature resistant fiber, which is a high-end variety of chemical fiber. It is mainly composed of carbon atoms and is about 5-10 microns in diameter. To create carbon fibers, carbon atoms are bonded together in the crystals, and the parallel alignment of the long axes of the fibers gives the carbon fibers a fairly high strength-to-volume ratio. Thousands of carbon fibers are bundled together to form a fiber bundle that can be used alone or woven into a fabric.

The reinforced plastic made of carbon fiber is strong and light in texture, resistant to high temperature, radiation, water, and corrosion. Therefore, it is one of the good materials for making bicycle handlebars.

Carbon Integrated Handlebar RHB200

At present, carbon fiber bicycle handlebars are widely used. Compared with traditional handlebars, it has the following advantages:

(1). Lightweight

First of all, carbon fiber contains no metal, and one of the things metal is known for is its weight. Even the most commonly used aluminum alloys are very light, but in order to achieve sufficient strength, the tube wall of the aluminum alloy handle has to be made very thick, which increases the use of material and thus increases the overall weight.

However, the rigidity of carbon fiber does not lie in the diameter of the tube wall. Forming of carbon fiber: The carbon fiber cloth is immersed in the resin and then bonded layer by layer. The weaving direction and density of the carbon fiber determine its lightweight, aerodynamic and comfortable performance.

(2). Reduce vibration and muscle fatigue

While carbon fiber can be made very hard, it is very brittle. The carbon fiber handlebar absorbs high-frequency vibrations from the road, providing considerable resilience in the face of larger impacts, but still retains the characteristics of full rigidity and precise control.

Using traditional hard aluminum alloy handlebars, the rider’s body becomes a shock absorber that absorbs the micro-shocks of the road. Although these micro-shocks may seem non-existent, they will produce noticeable fatigue after hours of riding. Sending all the energy to the rider’s legs is where speed is king.

(3). Improve comfort through shaping

The unparalleled comfort of carbon fiber handlebars is not only the shock-absorbing characteristics of carbon fiber. For example, the wing-shaped upper handle is used to provide better support for the palm, and the complex 3D curved shape creates perfect ergonomics, allowing the wrist, palm and fingers to be compliant and comfortable to grasp the direction. Increased comfort also means you can ride faster and farther.

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