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Usually there is no rear shock and the frame is integrated into a mountain bike. We call it a hardtail mountain bike. Hardtail bikes have a rigid frame and are usually equipped with a shock-absorbing front fork, which means that the front end of the bike can absorb some vertical bumps and bumps. larger impact.

Advantages of hardtail mountain bikes:
Weight: Hardtail frame always lighter than a softtail frame in the same conditions, which means rigid frame can tackle hills more easily.
Rigidity: Hardtail frame is much better than softtail frame, which means the hardtail pedals more efficiently.
Maintainability: Since the design of the hardtail frame is simpler than the softtail design, as maintenance and maintenance is much less
Cost: The design of the hardtail frame is simple, and it is much cheaper than the softtail frame in terms of materials and design, so the price of the whole bicycle will also be lower.

Trifox has hardtail frame for sale such as SDY20.Trifox SDY20 is also a trail frameset for mountain biking.As the best hardtail frame,Trifox SDY20 uses real carbon T1000 carbon fiber materia, high strength and light weight.

For more information about Trifox Hardtail Frame SDY20, please follow the official website:https://www.trifoxbike.com/lightweight-carbon-mtb-hardtail-frame-boost-sdy20.

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