Analysis and Comparison of Mountain Bike Frame Types

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We all know that the frame is very important for mountain bikes. In addition to considering the size and material of the frame, the type of frame is also very important. So today we will take a look at what are the mountain bike frames. types and their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Hardtail MTB Frame

The hardtail frame is also what we usually call the hard frame, which refers to the frame without the rear shock absorption effect, and all the interfaces of the frame are fixed by welding.

Advantages: The lightest and cheapest of all frames, there is no energy loss during riding, especially on flat roads, riding is easy and effortless, and the frame is basically trouble-free, no need to do Excessive maintenance.

Disadvantages: Due to insufficient shock absorption, riding on rough roads is bumpier, the comfort is poor, and the control of the bike is more laborious.

2. Full Suspension MTB Frame

A full suspension frame generally refers to a frame with a rear shock absorber. Different shock absorber structure designs may lead to different frame performances.

Advantages: The shock absorption effect is very good. When riding on rough roads, the comfort is high, the grip on the ground is strong, the riding is relatively stable, and it is also convenient for the rider to control the bike.

Disadvantages: There is obvious leakage when riding on flat roads, and maintenance is more troublesome. It is the heaviest and the most expensive of all frame types.

3. Softtail MTB Frame

The soft tail frame generally has a passive damping device at the support of the seat, which can play a certain shock absorption effect, but this passive damping is different from the shock absorber.

Advantages: The friction between the rear wheel and the ground is relatively large, the riding is more comfortable, the control of the bike is convenient, and the price and weight are moderate.


Mountain bike frames are mainly the above three types, and the most commonly used are hard frames, such as Giant hard frames, which are affordable and have strong compression and load-bearing capacity. The troublesome price is high, and it is difficult to buy genuine products in China. Because the shock absorption effect of the soft tail frame is not obvious, the price is also expensive, so it is also not recommended to choose.

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