As a cyclist, you should have these maintenance skills!

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People often say that long-term diseases are medical, and they are also riding bicycles. If you often ride bicycles, you will encounter various problems. Over time, you will also have some basic understanding of the mechanical principles of the bicycle, and you will have some basic understanding of the mechanical principles of the bicycle, and you will have some basic basics yourself. Maintenance.

Why do you master some maintenance skills?

You don’t need to rely on others. Once the bicycle is sold, you can go to the sale of the background store for maintenance once you have a problem. In fact, when most problems occur, you are on the road.

Motoring is also a kind of fun. If you have complete maintenance tools, you will find that repairing bicycles will have a lot of fun, you will learn a lot of maintenance knowledge, and you will be more willing to DIY your own bicycle.

The journey is more smooth. You will not end your journey because of a small burst of tires.
Save money. Whether you upgrade your bicycle or repair it. Buying accessories by yourself always save money, provided that you must master these skills.

What maintenance skills should I have?

Tire supplement. Tire explosion is the easiest problem in the cycling process. Fortunately, this problem is also easy to repair. The easiest way to go out is with a spare tire and a mini-pump, of course, you can also bring your own tire replenishment tools.

Replace the brake pads. Whether it is a circle of brakes or disc brakes, after a long period of cycling, we will wear, which will cause the quality of the brake to decline or even fail. The maintenance of the circle brake is relatively simple, and the disc brake has some trouble repairing it. Be sure to study the maintenance tutorial carefully.

Adjust the transmission. The excellent transmission performance will give you a better cycling experience during long-distance cycling. Some basic small adjustments can easily understand their working principles through video tutorials and adjust the transmission to the best state.

Maintenance or replacement chain. When your chain is too severe and has to be replaced or the chain breaks, the broken chain is a really painful experience. If you can repair it yourself, you can reduce this pain.

wheel. Frequent problems with wheels, such as spokes, rims, etc. These issues are more difficult to deal with, and some relatively professional tools may be used.

These simple maintenance skills can master basic skills through simple practice.

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