Are you a loner road runner? Or an off-road rider who gallops in the mountains? Or a “little rookie” who occasionally participates in cycling? Faced with different riding styles, you need to learn to choose different types of bicycles. Likewise, picking the right tires is one of the must-have skillsContinue Reading

Braking is very simple, just press the brake lever, is it really that simple?Of course not. The actual situation tells us that if the brakes are not well controlled, the safety of riding will not be guaranteed. Let’s take a look at the correct use of the brakes! Brake BasicsContinue Reading

Properly increase the cadence Choose a gear ratio that suits your power to step on, and don’t bother to step on the gear ratio that you can’t step on. Quickly switch to a lower gear ratio, increase the cadence appropriately, and control the cadence within a suitable range. For example,Continue Reading

Riders are often concerned about their performance when climbing. In fact, the cruising speed of the flat road is also a very important weapon during the competition. Plyometrics The following simple and efficient strengthening exercises can ideally improve the physical and psychological strength to cope with the efficiency of long-termContinue Reading

Many parts of a bike are consumables, and over time and distances they can develop minor issues that can cost you more money if you don’t deal with them to repair him. So regular maintenance of the bicycle is the “most economical” way. 4 Simple Signs Your Bike Needs Service:1.TheContinue Reading

After riding for a period of time, I sometimes hear riders complaining of knee pain after heavy riding. In fact, this is due to improper riding methods that cause knee meniscus damage. The meniscus of the knee joint is a fibrocartilaginous tissue with a thick peripheral edge and a wedgeContinue Reading

TIME The warm-up time before riding should be extended. Warming up is essential for winter riding. The lower the temperature, the longer the warm-up distance. It is best to ride slowly until you feel your whole body start to sweat and the soles of your feet are hot. After aContinue Reading