In the cycling circle, have you noticed such a phenomenon that every rider can’t tell the actual age. Because most people who participate in cycling look much younger than their peers, why is this? I believe that many riders have this experience. After participating in cycling for a period ofContinue Reading

The angle of the cushion The angle of the cushion should be roughly level. But there is no need to be too rigid, you can adjust it according to yourself. For example, some men feel that the front end of the seat cushion presses the perineum and causes pain duringContinue Reading

When a novice just starts riding a bicycle, he will encounter such confusion during the riding process. What is the difference between high and low cadence? What cadence is suitable for racing? What cadence is suitable for everyday cycling? How to choose my cadence? Let’s talk about why cadence isContinue Reading

Although the Tour de France is second only to the Olympics and the World Cup in influence, that doesn’t make cycling the most popular sport in the world (it doesn’t even crack the top 10). But that doesn’t stop cycling from being one of the best in the world. WhyContinue Reading

People often say that long-term diseases are medical, and they are also riding bicycles. If you often ride bicycles, you will encounter various problems. Over time, you will also have some basic understanding of the mechanical principles of the bicycle, and you will have some basic understanding of the mechanicalContinue Reading

When rim brakes and disc brakes alternate, many riders have already raised the question of whether disc brakes have greater wind resistance. As everyone knows, adding a disc brake system near the hub does increase wind resistance, but how much is the difference? Did you know there is also aContinue Reading

1. The Realm of Following the Trend(The Realm of Coolness) This is the lowest state of riding. Currently, more than 90% of riding belongs to this. They have two characteristics: They think cycling is cool, they ride for others to see, and they like to follow the trend. For example,Continue Reading