Beginner’s Guide: A few common questions about bicycle touring

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Many people have had the dream of cycling on the road to the end of the world, for experienced veterans to speak, cycling to play may be a matter of going, but newcomers do not think so, before making a decision they will have a lot of questions, the following will talk about the newcomers will often ask the 9 questions.

1、What kind of people will ride a bike to travel?

Bicycle travel thing is regardless of occupation, age, gender and region, the only difference is whether you really want to go. Bicycle travel is also a variety of ways, can be a person riding, or riding with friends, or to participate in commercial tour groups. For example, riding the 318 Sichuan-Tibetan southern route, along the way you will meet from the north and south of the sky, with a variety of professional backgrounds and personality traits of the riders. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, meet interesting travelers, breathe fresh air, feel the different cultures …… these are the charm of cycling.

2、How can I tell if I am qualified to travel by bicycle?

You don’t have to be as fit as an athlete to be eligible to enjoy cycling. But it’s important to get proper exercise before you go out on a bike trip. Be realistic and set an achievable workout goal, such as specifying that you will ride with weight for XX kilometers at a time. If you have a big plan to travel for more than 15 days in a row, then at least 1-2 2-day weight-bearing rides in the three months before departure should be pulled, to find their own shortcomings and targeted improvements in the actual ride. One of the charms of bicycle touring is that the more you ride, the higher you get.

3、How do I know how far I can ride in a day?

How far you can ride in a day depends on your riding style (credit card travel / self-guided travel/travel with backup / riding with a group), as well as the characteristics of the road conditions, and how far you want to ride.

The ideal state is like this: you can carry 20 pounds of equipment, ride about 100km on a smooth road in a day, and have time to take a selfie and smell the roadside wildflowers.
Of course, experienced travelers can ride farther, even a flat road day 200km is not a problem. But for most people, don’t make it too hard on yourself.

◎ Set up a rest day every 10 days without cycling.

◎ Try to carry no more than 45 pounds of gear.◎Try to carry no more than 45 pounds of gear.

◎ Don’t bury your head in the sand on the road, it’s good to look up and say hello to the mountains and rivers once in a while.

◎ Set aside a rest day for the trip.

4、What is the best bike for me to ride?

Although there are touring bikes designed for long-distance riding or can be specially customized for bicycle touring, many types of bicycles can actually be used for touring, such as folding bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes, road bikes ……

No matter what kind of bike you ride, it is recommended that you prefer one that is reliable, durable, comfortable to ride, and can be shifted to suit climbing roads. If it is a more than 1000km long-distance ride, it is also a plus to be able to install a rack, have fenders, and be compatible with 32mm wide tires or more.

5、Where should I ride to?

Sometimes it is so capricious, want to go for a ride but do not know where to go – everything is ready, only the destination is missing, how to do?

◎ If it is the first time to ride a tour, and self-help, it is best to choose a mature route with good road conditions, convenient supplies, and not too much traffic. The pleasant countryside that is not more than 500km from your place of residence can be given priority.

◎ Depends on whether you like the sea or climbing mountains. If you have the conditions, go to Taiwan to see the sea. If you have the ability, go ride the 318 Sichuan-Tibet southern route.

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