Although the Tour de France is second only to the Olympics and the World Cup in influence, that doesn’t make cycling the most popular sport in the world (it doesn’t even crack the top 10). But that doesn’t stop cycling from being one of the best in the world. WhyContinue Reading

The handlebar is one of the most important contact points of the bicycle body, which will affect the steering and manipulation of the bicycle. As a key component of the bicycle, it greatly affects the riding comfort. Handlebars suitable for personal riding style can make you have a better experienceContinue Reading

It only makes sense to talk about good and bad under the right conditions. Of course, pure racing is the best when it is lighter and has a certain strength, so carbon fiber, scandium alloy, titanium alloy or special aluminum are all ideal materials. But cycling is sometimes more thanContinue Reading

Bicycles in the market are generally divided into mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, BMX, climbing bikes, and dead bikes. However, according to my personal understanding, I roughly divide bicycles into: Household grocery shopping bicycle:1) There must be a sturdy vegetable basket and the vegetable basket should be large, whichContinue Reading

This is good news for cyclists. Whether you ride a mountain bike or a road bike, I believe you need bar end caps. It can strengthen the protection and firmness of your handlebars, and can prevent your body from being scratched by the sharped handlebar End. Trifox Flash Sale –Continue Reading