Mountain biking is cycling in the mountains, so climbing has become an integral part of the sport. In addition to having a strong body and sufficient strength, proper cycling skills also help riders successfully tackle a variety of hills. Whether the bicycle can be driven forward and upward depends onContinue Reading

It only makes sense to talk about good and bad under the right conditions. Of course, pure racing is the best when it is lighter and has a certain strength, so carbon fiber, scandium alloy, titanium alloy or special aluminum are all ideal materials. But cycling is sometimes more thanContinue Reading

Bicycles in the market are generally divided into mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, BMX, climbing bikes, and dead bikes. However, according to my personal understanding, I roughly divide bicycles into: Household grocery shopping bicycle:1) There must be a sturdy vegetable basket and the vegetable basket should be large, whichContinue Reading

The best bicycle parts can provide convenience to your life! Everyone wants to be satisfied with cycling, for the experienced, it’s entertainment, for the beginner it’s a challenge and an opportunity to improve yourself! Wide tires provide comfort for your cycling Choosing the right wide tire can reduce the groundContinue Reading

US $0.10 For an adjustable Bike Stem Top Cap Mount Holder, Free Shipping, Very worth buying, don’t miss the opportunity,the deadline is 12/30/2021. The following are some parameters of the bike stem computer mount: Original Price: US $6.99Limited Time Special: US $0.1 [Free Shipping]Deadline: 12/30/2021 Model: STH100Material: Aluminum alloy +Continue Reading