It only makes sense to talk about good and bad under the right conditions. Of course, pure racing is the best when it is lighter and has a certain strength, so carbon fiber, scandium alloy, titanium alloy or special aluminum are all ideal materials. But cycling is sometimes more thanContinue Reading

Bike Hub M827

To begin with, the appearance of the hub likes a musical instrument hub and is a bearing, that connects to the rim through the car bar.Secondly, the hub plays the role of connecting spokes and axle, and the riding speed is directly affected by the quality of the hub.What’s more,Continue Reading

Mountain bike hubs: Mountain off-road hubs can be divided into V brakes and disc brakes. The number of spokes used in mountain areas is generally 32 and 36. Most of them are high-strength thru-axle structures, unlike highways that use thin quick-release levers. Trifox hubs for mtb M827 is a mountainContinue Reading