1、Healthy breathing theory There is a lot of knowledge about breathing, and it is not so easy to discuss and study it. Different sports have different breathing characteristics. And some good breathing methods also need to be developed. To put it simply, only a sufficient oxygen supply can guarantee theContinue Reading

Long-distance cycling has high requirements on the body, and climate and fatigue will test the endurance of various parts of the body. Therefore, during long-distance cycling, understanding the problems that are prone to occur in various parts of the body will not only help relieve fatigue in various parts butContinue Reading

Among all kinds of bicycle competitions, marathon riding is the most fascinating and difficult. However, once you get the hang of it, you can experience a dream-like experience—smooth riding, good company, and the satisfaction of crossing the finish line. Train your endurance to improve your oxygen supply capacity. The strongerContinue Reading

In the cycling circle, have you noticed such a phenomenon that every rider can’t tell the actual age. Because most people who participate in cycling look much younger than their peers, why is this? I believe that many riders have this experience. After participating in cycling for a period ofContinue Reading