TRIFOX’s MTB Integrated Handlebar Super Sale, Up To 59% OFF Discount. This Carbon Integrated Handlebar RHB200, Suitable for the fork tube with a diameter of 28.6mm. Now it only needs USD$49.9, Random colors reduced by USD$5, is USD$44.99. Another product is the 28.6mm AERO Integrated MTB Handlebar RHB100, One-shaped IntegratedContinue Reading

1.Choose a hardtail frame First, let me briefly talk about the importance of frame size. The frame size must fit your body. If it is too large or too small, it will affect your riding posture, causing you to ride harder than others, and may cause sports injuries for aContinue Reading

Correct riding posture: upper body leaning forward, head slightly tilted forward, looking forward, arms naturally bent, hands lightly and powerfully holding the handlebars, waist arched, feet doing vertical circular pedaling Movement, avoid swinging the legs from side to side, and distribute the weight more evenly on the buttocks, feet, andContinue Reading

When you decide to start riding in the morning at dawn, in the beginning, you may still feel sleepy on the road, and the temporary sleepiness will take a period of time to get used to. But the effort pays off, because at night when you lie down and yourContinue Reading

Exercising in winter can improve the body’s ability to adapt to cold conditions, making the body strong and less likely to get sick than ordinary people. But for some people with delicate respiratory tracts, the dry and cold outdoor air in winter often ruins their outdoor exercise plans. In fact,Continue Reading

There are many cyclists who like to ride alone when they go out, and many cyclists like to ride with a companion. In most cases, everyone prefers to go with a companion because there are many benefits to riding with a companion. What are the specific benefits? 1.Riding together canContinue Reading

Cycling outings are a romantic affair. Driving too fast, walking too slow, or only riding is a kind of enjoyment: you can see the infinite beauty of the scenery along the way. Autumn is the most suitable season for cycling, without the wet and rainy spring, the hot and dryContinue Reading