When it comes to upgrading your road bike, swapping out your wheelset is one of the most significant changes you can make. Carbon fiber wheels are an increasingly popular choice, thanks to their lightweight, aerodynamic design and superior performance on the road. But what exactly are carbon fiber wheels, andContinue Reading

1. Healthy breathing theory There is a lot of knowledge about breathing, and it is not so easy to discuss and study it. Different sports have different breathing characteristics. And some good breathing methods also need to be developed. Why focus on breathing? The combination of man and nature isContinue Reading

If you often ride on the roads in the suburbs, the probability of a bicycle blowout will increase several times, because the roads in the suburbs are not cleaned by special personnel like the roads in the city, so there are more foreign objects. However, in the case of long-distanceContinue Reading

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There are several factors you must consider before you want a mountain bike. What type of mountain bike do you want to play with? What is the approximate budget? Do you want to be a pro-level competitor? Or do you just want to use it as an amateur fitness activity?Continue Reading

The frame is the soul of the bicycle! The bicycle frame refers to the skeleton of the entire bicycle, which determines and affects the correctness and comfort of the riding posture to the greatest extent. Bikes that ride in a straight line, bikes that turn easily, bikes that ride comfortably,Continue Reading

1. Choose a suitable riding helmet, bicycle bars with adjustable stem riser, good carbon fiber cycle, Riding helmet: The most basic requirement is the safety certification of the national standard GB. In addition to the national standard, there are also EU CE, US CPSC, and other safety certifications. The nationalContinue Reading

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