You’re always on the lookout for new bikes and keep seeing Chinese carbon frame mtb from Chinese sellers at ridiculously low prices.There has to be a trap, right?The best mtb frame will not only spend your hard-earned money but also nothing will come out.Mountain bike frames for sale have explodedContinue Reading

The carbon Mtb frame is the soul of the bike Carbon fiber technology has been a major catalyst for the advancement of the Carbon Mtb Frame.Its advantages are numerous: high tensile strength and stiffness, durability, and low thermal expansion.The biggest benefit of a carbon fiber full suspension mountain bike isContinue Reading

MTB frames are built for riding at speed off-road but there is a huge variety on the market, with types to suit every possible riding discipline and riding style – from lightweight carbon racing whippets to burly bruisers that can take on the toughest terrain. In the first instance, MTBContinue Reading