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Many friends choose to lose weight by cycling. However, can cycling really lose weight?

Cycling is a popular aerobic exercise. When riding a bicycle, most of the muscles in the body can participate in sports, which is conducive to the consumption of body fat. Practice shows that every 10 minutes of riding (at a medium speed), you can consume about 35 kcal of calories, and you can consume about 100 kcal of calories when cycling for half an hour. But, to the point: this doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight by cycling for half an hour a day!

What is certain, though, is that cycling will make you more awake. Cycling can compress blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, and the brain can take in more oxygen. After riding for a while, you will feel clear-minded. When riding a bicycle, it will make people feel very free and carefree. At this time, the brain will secrete dopamine, creating a source of happiness.


Cycling will consume calories, but if the method is wrong, it will be useless!

cycling intensity

Someone once did a comparative experiment: Divide a group of people with similar age, weight, and physical fitness into three groups, one group walks fast, the other jogs, and the other rides a bicycle. The training time is roughly equal. , found that the fastest weight loss is fast walking, this phenomenon has aroused the interest of research institutions.

Can Cycling Lose Weight? 80% of people are wrong!

In our cognition, running is definitely more exercise than brisk walking, but why is the result the opposite? After research and continuous experiments, the researchers found that it is because of the relationship between exercise intensity, not that the greater the exercise intensity, the faster the weight loss. Losing weight and exercising cardiopulmonary function have different strengths. Only when it reaches 55%-70% of its maximum heart rate, the weight loss effect is the best. Therefore, this interval is generally called the weight loss interval, and 70%-80% is called the heart rate interval. It is the fitness interval, the heart rate is controlled in this interval, and the cardiopulmonary function can be better exercised.

Heart rate refers to the number of heartbeats per minute. The maximum heart rate refers to the maximum heart rate that you can withstand. Generally, you need to go to a medical institution for testing, but there is also a simple formula that is applicable to most people, and you can estimate your maximum heart rate.

The maximum heartbeat value can be calculated using the following formula:

Male: 210-(age/2)-(0.11√óweight [kg])+4

Female: 210-(age/2)-(0.11√óweight [kg])

Knowing the principle of weight loss, when we do other exercises, we can also pay attention to controlling the heart rate in the weight loss range. As long as we can maintain our exercise intensity, then any exercise will have the same effect on weight loss.

Studies by research institutes also show that when the heart rate is kept at 60%-65%, the weight loss efficiency is the highest, so when we do exercises for weight loss, it is best to keep the exercise intensity at around 60%-65%.

If you want to lose weight by cycling, first calculate your weight loss zone, and then control your heart rate in this zone, so that you will not accumulate new fat and effectively exercise your heart and lungs while riding.

exercise time

Weight loss exercise requires low-intensity continuous aerobic exercise. Therefore, while maintaining a certain intensity and the time allowed by the body, the longer the exercise time, the better. The essence of weight loss is fat oxidation, commonly known as burning fat. Here we need to understand the issue of energy first. The movement of the human body requires energy, and energy comes from three places.

1.The ATP energy stored in the human body can only last for 15 seconds, which is the first ten seconds before the exercise starts;

2.The energy provided by blood sugar is anaerobically decomposed in the first 40 seconds, and then oxygen participates in the decomposition, entering the stage of aerobic exercise, and the energy provided by blood sugar will run through the entire aerobic exercise;

3.The energy provided by fat, energy provided by fat does not start until 15-20 minutes after exercise, so it is generally required that aerobic exercise lasts for more than 30 minutes. During the initial start-up time, the energy provided by fat accounts for 10% of the total energy. The proportion is very small, and as time goes on, this proportion will gradually increase.

Therefore, if the cycling time is less than 30 minutes each time, you will not! No! Yes! Thin! Studies have shown that the longer the exercise lasts, the more fat will be burned. If the exercise lasts for half an hour to 1 hour, half of the energy consumed will be It is supplied by burning fat, and when you continue exercising for about 2 hours, burning fat can account for more than 80% of the energy consumed.

But the exercise time should not be too long, otherwise, the body will be overwhelmed.


If you really want to lose weight, you have to say goodbye to many delicious foods, such as fried foods, desserts, etc. Generally, it is enough to eat 70% full after eating. You must not increase your appetite just because you exercise a lot. This is one of the reasons why many people insist on cycling but do not lose weight.

Studies have shown that if you don’t diet, even if you ride for 1 hour, you can only burn the glycogen and fat in the food, and you can’t burn the fat accumulated in the body, which is still beneficial to weight loss! Of course! none! beneficial! After controlling the diet, at least 1 hour of cycling will have a chance to burn the “fat” in the body. So controlling your mouth well is one of the foundations for your efficient weight loss.


If you want to lose weight by cycling, you must strictly control the exercise intensity, preferably between 60%-65% of your maximum heart rate, and secondly, the time should not be less than 1 hour.

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