Classification of bicycles

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Bicycles in the market are generally divided into mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, BMX, climbing bikes, and dead bikes.

However, according to my personal understanding, I roughly divide bicycles into:

  1. Household grocery shopping bicycle:
    1) There must be a sturdy vegetable basket and the vegetable basket should be large, which is convenient for carrying vegetables and handbags to hold all the sundries, and when riding a bicycle and encountering a road bump, the things in the vegetable basket cannot pop out by themselves;
    2) There must be a back seat, you can take children;
    3) There must be a car bell. It can be at the corner and the alley entrance to warn passers-by that there is a car coming in and out, pay attention to avoid it! ! !
    4) There must be foot support. When buying food at the vegetable stall, you can park the car, so that I can have a good bargain with the boss;
    5) The price/performance ratio must be high, the quality must be acceptable, and the best appearance should not be low;
  2. Urban commuting and leisure bicycles:
    The best road bike frame in the urban commuting and leisure bicycle is none other than you, thru axle frames,fiber cycle of womens frame bike.
  3. Cross-country mountain bike:
    For beginners, the functions that mountain bikes should have: important disc brakes, derailleurs,mtb bottle cage, straight handlebars etc., at this stage to get used to how to use the derailleurs of mountain bikes reasonably, a posture of riding a mountain bike, and disassembly and assembly to be familiar with the whole bike.
  4. Competition road bikes:
    If you want to experience the general feeling of road racing, you must first have a great body. For racing road bikes, I recommend our brand Trifox model MFM100.
  5. We updated to this time today, see you next time!

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