Cycling accidents occur frequently, how do we go downhill safely?

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There are few cyclists who don’t like going downhill, and we even see it as a reward. You don’t need to push hard, you can enjoy the speed and the feeling of the wind on your face, which is really cool. Moreover, cycling downhill sounds like a sport that does not require much skill and physical strength, but in fact, this is a misunderstanding. People often understand that downhill, especially mountain roads Poe is a sport that needs to test skills and courage, and it is definitely not a joke.

Straight downhill

Straight downhill refers to the downhill that is long and straight, and the slope can be seen almost at a glance. It is more common in the northwest region and less common in the south. When riding down this kind of slope, it is often difficult for you to feel the speed. Before you know it, the speed has become very fast. At this time, if there is a problem with the road conditions (such as a pit or a stone), or something distracts you (such as a flying insect or the ringing of a mobile phone), then the probability of crashing is very high.

So go straight downhill, you’d better have a stopwatch to monitor your speed, it is recommended to control the speed within 40. Be careful not to stare at the stopwatch, the correct way is to quickly glance at the stopwatch numbers, and then return to the front.

At the same time, hold the handlebars tightly with both hands, gently apply the brakes with your fingers (keep the brake pads or pads slightly in contact with the rim or disc), focus on the front and the road, and at the same time look at the sides of the road out of the corners of your eyes. Don’t let anything affect you, let alone let go. Even if a flying insect flies into your face, it’s best to stay still. If there are small pits and pebbles on the road, it is recommended to run over them directly instead of trying to go around them. Even if it is a small animal, it can only be rolled over, because any evasive action at high speed may cause a serious fall car.

Panshan Road Downhill

As long as you are climbing a mountain, you have to face this kind of road condition. Downhill is often one bend after another, and sometimes there is a sharp bend after a straight road, so the risk index is doubled.

The downhill of Panshan Road has higher speed requirements, and it is recommended to control the speed within 30 in the whole process.

The types of curves on Panshan Road are U-shaped, V-shaped, S-shaped, Z-shaped, continuous Z, or continuous S. Among them, U-shape and V-shape are turning back, so you should be very careful, turn close to your side, and don’t cut the line for the sake of fast speed, while Z-shape and S-shape continuous curves need to strictly control the speed and not indulge.

When the car enters a curve, it needs to slow down in time. Remember to slow down before entering the curve. That is to say, when you see a curve ahead, you must slow down now. Don’t wait until you enter the curve before slowing down.

For open roads, do not cross the middle (yellow) line of the road under any circumstances, especially when entering a curve with poor visibility (blocked by mountains or vegetation), be sure to pull over and ride.

If you encounter a steep slope (more than 10%), when braking on this road section, you should subconsciously push the handlebars forward, and at the same time move your buttocks to the rear of the seat cushion to shift the center of gravity to the rear wheels to maintain stability.

In addition, a stopwatch with a navigation route is recommended. You can predict the size of the curve ahead through the route map in advance, which is more conducive to early speed control.

About brakes

Although the braking force of disc brakes is better than that of calipers or V brakes, you can’t trust the brakes too much and let go of the speed limit. In an emergency, the disc brakes and calipers are the same. There is no difference between those who can’t stop and those who stop and people fly out. So, don’t create an emergency for yourself, the best way is to control the speed all the way.

Some people wonder whether to use the front brake or the rear brake when braking suddenly? Do you want to use the brake (human flesh ABS)? In fact, it’s all overthinking. The moment something happens, you rely on your instinctive reaction. You don’t have time to think about it. You will definitely use your greatest strength to pinch the two brakes at the same time. So, don’t create an emergency for yourself, the best way is to control the speed all the way.

In addition, the braking force of disc brakes is not easily affected by weather or terrain, so try to use disc brakes if possible.

About the game

Although most hill climbing races do not recommend drivers to climb slopes by themselves, or because of the lax management of many races, there are still a large number of people climbing slopes by themselves in many races. This time in a hill climbing race in a well-known scenic spot, although there are motorcycles in front of the speed, in fact, you will not be punished for passing the motorcycle, so the speed is just a decoration. I believe this is also the main reason for the accident.

In addition, some races do not close the road, or the road is closed for a period of time. Even if some players are still riding, the road is still open, and the closed players will not be accommodated. This also easily leads to accidents.

Ideally, the road should be closed all the way, and the road closure time exceeds the time when the last competitor reaches the top of the mountain (or strictly enforce the containment policy). After the riders reach the top of the mountain, they will be separated from the vehicle immediately, and the bicycles will be transported down the mountain in a unified way, while the players will take the bus down. This race will be truly safe if no one is allowed to climb the slope by himself.

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