Cyclists look younger, do you agree?

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In the cycling circle, have you noticed such a phenomenon that every rider can’t tell the actual age. Because most people who participate in cycling look much younger than their peers, why is this?

I believe that many riders have this experience. After participating in cycling for a period of time, I will find that my body will become more energetic and my complexion will become much better.

Rejuvenates blood vessels

After exercise, the blood flow speeds up and nitric oxide is produced. The function of nitric oxide is to soften the muscles surrounding the blood vessels. The faster the blood flow, the more nitric oxide is produced. Experiments have found that cycling can make blood flow 10 times faster.

Can make muscles more toned

Some people say that when you are pedaling all the time, your legs are always moving. After riding for a long time, your thighs will become thicker. This is a misunderstanding. After cycling, not only will the thighs not become thicker, but they will also become more and more stylish. Because cycling tones and sculpts muscles, especially in the lower body—the muscles in your calves, thighs, and buttocks. In addition, cycling can reduce the incidence of joint disease and leg or hip injuries for people with these diseases.

Can make life longer

Riding regularly and regularly is strongly associated with increased longevity. A British study showed that regular cyclists had the health status of people who were 10 years younger than their actual age, and those who continued to ride regularly in their 30s could increase their life expectancy by an average of 2 years. An international survey shows that among the various occupations in the world, postmen who use bicycles as their main means of transportation live the longest.

Take the stress away

Cycling generally requires contact with nature, where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Studies in the United States believe that these outdoor activities can stimulate the brain to secrete dopamine and produce a sense of pleasure, which is a good way for middle-aged people to decompress.

Make the brain healthier

Even in the open field, sparsely populated, riders have to pay close attention to the road conditions. Moreover, in most cases, cyclists have to cross streets and alleys to deal with various traffic situations, which can exercise the sensitivity and responsiveness of nerve response, which is conducive to improving brain function, preventing brain aging, and improving the agility of the nervous system role. In addition, cycling can also accelerate blood circulation, allow the brain to take in more oxygen, and help maintain a clear mind.

Make lower limbs stronger

Cycling is dominated by leg movements. According to the statistics of scientists, the 26 pairs of muscles of the lower limbs need to be exercised 180-200 times for every 1 kilometer of cycling. At the same time, the three pairs of large joints of the lower limbs can also participate in activities, which can enhance the jumping ability of the legs and delay the aging process of the joints and ligaments of the lower limbs.

Can regulate nerve function

The human foot has many nerve endings. When the bicycle pedal is stepped on, the nerve endings are stimulated by the repeated friction and pressure of the pedal, which can adjust the function of the autonomic nerve, reflect the relevant organs inside and outside the body, and coordinate and balance their physiological functions. It can keep the neurofeedback mechanism of the human body in an active state. This kind of benign stimulation will make the whole body relax, the metabolism vigorous, and the body and mind happy.

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