Do you know all these mistakes that cycling often makes?

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Many people have had the dream of cycling to the end of the world. For experienced veterans, cycling to play is actually a matter of leaving. But for novices, if they are not well prepared, they will easily fall into some misunderstandings, which will affect the fun of the whole journey

The most common mistakes novices makeļ¼š

1.Ride without warming up

Whether it is cycling or other sports, warming up is very important. Do some stretching exercises before cycling to wake up your body, which can not only avoid sports injuries but also increase the riding effect. Why not do it?

2.Before riding, do not check

Before riding, be sure to check the bicycle carefully to see whether the chain is loose and whether the brake tires are in good condition.

3.bad posture

Many friends think that cycling should be done as one likes, and there are so many rules. In fact, a good riding posture can not only improve riding efficiency but also prevent sports injuries.

4.Not fully equipped

You must wear a riding helmet gloves and other equipment when riding unless you are riding to buy food. Don’t think it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable to wear a helmet, there are a lot of life-saving things.

5.Pursue fast

The faster you ride, the cooler it is? wrong! The most important thing about riding is to keep the speed. Don’t go fast and slow, ride hard with energy, and stop at every step without energy. This is actually very harmful to the body.

6.No hydration during riding

Many riders only replenish water when they feel thirsty, and they drink it in large gulps, which is very convenient.

This is actually wrong. Hydration should follow the principles of “sip and drink slowly” and “timely” to ensure physical vitality. If water is not replenished in time, the body’s function will decline, resulting in insufficient muscle energy substances and oxygen supply, reduced riding efficiency, and severe cramps.

In addition to avoiding the above minefields, if you want to be an excellent cyclist, mastering the correct posture is the basic skill.

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