Dos and Don’ts for Seven Body Parts on a Long Bike Ride

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Long-distance cycling has high requirements on the body, and climate and fatigue will test the endurance of various parts of the body. Therefore, during long-distance cycling, understanding the problems that are prone to occur in various parts of the body will not only help relieve fatigue in various parts but also avoid sports injuries.

Brain: Primary Threat: Heat

The brain is smart, but with few blood vessels, it mainly relies on perspiration to dissipate heat!! When the sun is not harsh, it will be very hot and uncomfortable, not to mention that sometimes the sun is too strong and some comrades will put a hat on their heads! The general helmet can be worn for a short time, but it is very uncomfortable for a long distance! Hot and heavy! Unless it is relatively high-end, it is really uncomfortable to travel long distances in hot weather! If the brain is dizzy, you may not feel that your body temperature is already overheated and poses a greater threat!

The cooling of the brain mainly depends on ventilation, sprinkling water, and you can put a wet towel on your head! And other parts of the body should not be too hot, so as to share the heat! If it is too hot and sunny at noon, it is recommended to take a rest! (depending on the weather)

Eyes: Main threats: wind, strong light, debris Threat index: to be determined (very high, depending on the air)

The eyes are very moist, so the water evaporates when the strong wind blows, it is very uncomfortable, and you have to endure the invasion of sand, dust, sundries, and non-insects! Not to mention the glare! Since the eyes and eyelids are places where germs are easy to invade, the hygiene during the journey is relatively poor! So it is common to see red eyes while running long distances!

So be sure to bring good goggles, both front and side are windproof! And UV protection! Do not rub your eyes with your hands! Or avoid traveling in windy and bright weather!

Nose, Lips: Primary Threat: Air

The nose and lips are very wet places, so they will suffer in dry weather whether it is windy or not! Sore nose and chapped lips in 2 hours in the desert due to water evaporation! And severe air pollution is also a pain in the nose!

Apart from not riding, the way to prevent dryness is to keep the body hydrated and overcome it! Or cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel to relieve temporary pain!

Cervical spine, major threat: fatigue

The riding posture of road bicycles determines that we must often look up to look ahead! So pain is inevitable! And the cervical spine is a nerve-rich part, so once overworked, not only is it very uncomfortable, but it will also affect the sobriety of the brain! Fortunately, we can avoid cervical pain very well through exercise!

People who ride regularly will have well-developed muscles in the cervical spine, and a strong cervical spine can fully guarantee that they will ride for a long time every day without cervical discomfort! Therefore, friends who still feel that the cervical spine is not comfortable enough, exercise slowly! In addition, if there is discomfort in the cervical spine, it is recommended to adjust the head posture appropriately and look forward more often!

Shoulder, Primary Threat: Tiredness

The riding posture of a road bike is different from that of ordinary civilian bikes. In order to better exert force on the lower limbs, reduce the burden on the crotch, and maintain a posture with low wind resistance, the weight of the upper body is basically borne by the upper limbs! Whether it is a curved handlebar or a chronograph handlebar, the burden on the shoulders is very heavy, and it can also absorb the shock transmitted by the arms! If you are riding with a backpack, it is naturally more painful!

Therefore, strong shoulders can take on the heavy responsibility of supporting the upper body! In addition to changing riding positions, and proper rest (don’t sleep on your side if your shoulders are tired), exercise is necessary!

Palm, main threat: pressure

Same as the shoulders, the weight of the upper body is ultimately applied to the bike through the palms! So the palm is one of the most painful characters (although I don’t give a high index)! The most effective solution is to exercise! If your palms are full of muscles and callused, I believe you won’t be in pain anymore! In addition, wearing gloves and using a chronograph to rest are also indispensable and effective protection methods! But I don’t wear gloves anymore. On the one hand, I think the gloves are hot, and on the other hand, I feel that my palms have been honed, and there will be no pain for long-distance riding!

Back, the main threat: Tiredness

The muscles of the back are generally not relaxed during riding! If you have a backpack, it will be even worse! So, ride! Work out a strong back and you’ll be fine!

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