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1. Healthy breathing theory

There is a lot of knowledge about breathing, and it is not so easy to discuss and study it. Different sports have different breathing characteristics. And some good breathing methods also need to be developed. Why focus on breathing? The combination of man and nature is here! I don’t understand qigong, but don’t talk about anything when you lose your energy. The same two people eat the same food, why is one tired after running 10 kilometers, while the other is still running for hundreds of kilometers? The reason is here, the efficiency of energy conversion is inseparable from breathing!

To put it simply, only a sufficient oxygen supply can guarantee the most thorough material oxidation and energy release! The energy for muscle movement comes from the ATP substances stored in the muscles, but the amount of ATP is quite small, only enough to provide consumption for about 8 seconds.

When it is used up, the blood sugar will be converted into ATP to supply the muscles Use, but there is a problem here, whether the oxygen is sufficient or not, if the oxygen is not enough, a large amount of blood sugar will only produce a relatively small amount of ATP (there are other ways to convert it into ATP). , a large amount of oxygen brought by a reasonable breathing method is especially important for us to ride to the summit.

In addition, what is inhaled is irritating to the alveoli. Air pollution, dust, bacteria, and more can take a toll on your lungs. A runny nose is also a classic symptom of a respiratory infection. When you ride against the wind, the cold air goes straight down the respiratory tract and lung cavity, which has some reactions to the respiratory tract. Consider breathing through the nose. Don’t make a big mouth, just open a small mouth. Nose hair and nasal cavity can filter the air and warm the air. This way the airways will not be irritated.

2. Cycling breathing experience

Breathing is just as important when it comes to cycling. In the past, I liked to ride fast when I first came up. After a certain distance, I was prone to abdominal pain. Later, I came to the conclusion that it was caused by breathing, and part of the outside air entered and mixed with the stomach. So for a while, I paid special attention to breathing with my stomach instead of my chest, and the result was much better.

It is right to breathe through your mouth when riding, especially when you climb a hill, if you think about it, you can do it without your mouth. But Zhiqiu is not asking everyone to take a big breath of cold air immediately after eating breakfast, but to tell friends that if you ride on a flat road, normal nasal breathing can satisfy you, so you don’t need to take a big breath. Moreover, the mouth breathing I am referring to on a flat road is carried out under the premise that the mouth and nose are down, avoiding the limelight, and the abdomen is automatically contracted.

When going uphill, you need to take a big mouthful of oxygen, and use your mouth and nose as much as possible (it’s a waste if you don’t use it). If it’s cold, it’s recommended to warm up your body before going out. It is enough to open the mouth naturally, and the tongue can be rolled up properly, which helps to heat the gas.

3.Some “death ride” alpine symptoms will disrupt your normal breathing rhythm

Climbing to a height of 4,000 meters is a normal phenomenon with red and swollen throats, swollen tonsils, and dizziness. The reason is simple: the air is thin, and breathing is needed to supply oxygen to the blood. At this time, under the necessary night drug conditioning, it is very effective to apply some Vaseline oil in the nasal cavity during the day.

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