How do adjust the saddle of a mountain bike more comfortable?

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The higher the saddle of a carbon mountain bike, the more flat the angle will be; If the carbon bike saddle┬áis low, the angle will tend to tilt up, so that the seat is stable. The bike saddle should be purchased according to your own body. In the case of horizontal, it will also top the boys’ eggs because of the inclination of the body, but if the bike saddle is a little lower, you will feel the body sliding when cycling.

Many riders have a concave curve in the middle of the saddle. When they sit on it, they will naturally sit in the most concave place instead of the largest place on the saddle. It is normal to feel uncomfortable. They can make the front edge of the seat tilt up a little, to keep the rear half of the seat at a basic level.

Some new riders, like to sit on the back half of the saddle when riding. Although it feels comfortable, it is not conducive to leg exertion. On ordinary level roads, it is recommended to sit in the middle of the seat, so that the seat can hold up the upper body. At this time, it only plays the role of supporting body balance. Whether going uphill or downhill, you can sit at the front of the seat according to your habits and try to sit behind the seat.

Especially when riding for a long distance, the saddle bears the private parts for a long time and oppresses some organs such as the prostate, which is easy to causes congestion, poor urination, easy bacterial reproduction, and other symptoms. Therefore, no matter how far you ride, it is very necessary to rest at an appropriate time, so that the exercise effect of riding will be better.

Put the handlebar higher, or move the seat forward, which will change the force application position of the pedal, which is not the best force application position. The setting here should be suitable for the bone movement of the foot rotation speed, generate the necessary output power to adapt to a certain speed and make the maximum output of the muscle at the best foot force application position, to maximize the use of muscle movement.

Conclusion: there are many kinds of bike saddles, from shape to filler grade, from whether hollowed out to seat rail of what material. I’ve used a lot of bicycles, and my bicycle is also a mountain bike. I can only say, either through professional measurement to find their suitable seats, or try one by one. You can find similar seats according to your needs. Well, that’s all for today.

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