How do we relieve the symptoms of muscle soreness after cycling?

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Many riders will experience muscle soreness after riding, some will be relieved after a little rest, and some will be relieved the next day, but some people will still have muscle soreness after many days. How do we need to operate to improve the symptoms of our muscle soreness? Today, I will show you which operations can relieve our muscle soreness, restore our muscle state as soon as possible, and improve our riding ability!

sufficient sleep

After riding, it is necessary to allow the body muscles to rest adequately and allow the body to have a good sleep so that the muscles can have sufficient recovery time and the muscle pain can be relieved. If you don’t get enough sleep after exercising, muscle pain will definitely be more obvious. Many athletes also emphasize that at least one day a week is complete rest to allow the body to recover and strengthen.

moderate exercise

After cycling, moderate light exercise can promote blood circulation and relieve the original muscle soreness. After exercising for a while, you will feel less pain. Moreover, continuous exercise can keep muscle strength from deteriorating, so it will not happen again next time.

muscle massage

After riding, you need to massage and relax the muscles accordingly. Whether it is massage with hands or rollers or the popular fascia gun massage, the ultimate goal is to relax the stiff muscles and promote blood circulation, which can well slow down the pain. The method of muscle pain is also the most direct and effective method.

Ice and heat

Should I use cold or hot compresses after riding? This depends on different situations. If the body is inflamed or injured after exercise, it is recommended to soak in cold water. If it is just muscle pain, both cold and hot compresses are effective, and cold and hot can also be used alternately.

Add water

Part of the muscle pain after cycling comes from the lactic acid metabolized by the muscles. Drinking more water can make the lactic acid get rid of faster. You can start to add water 1 hour before exercise and add salt to the water. You can add 1g of salt per liter of water. You can start drinking water before exercising. When the cycling starts to consume, the supplemented electrolytes have already entered the blood, and the electrolytes in the body will not be exhausted during the cycling. Cramps can also be avoided during high-intensity competitions.

Supplementary nutrition

The muscle pain that occurs after cycling is partly caused by the rupture of the muscle fibers of the muscles. During recovery, protein must be supplemented to repair the muscles. Before riding, you can eat protein-rich foods such as eggs, soy milk, milk, and bread. Although meat is also high in protein, meat has high oil content and takes a long time to digest. The time for the body to absorb and convert protein will also be prolonged, so it is not recommended.

It is recommended to supplement carbohydrates and protein at a ratio of 4:1 after exercise, which can quickly and effectively replenish glycogen consumed by exercise, and help restore nutrients lost by muscles, increase muscle, and improve basal metabolism, which is good for burning fat Effect.

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