How often should a bike be serviced

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Many parts of a bike are consumables, and over time and distances they can develop minor issues that can cost you more money if you don’t deal with them to repair him. So regular maintenance of the bicycle is the “most economical” way.

4 Simple Signs Your Bike Needs Service:
1.The bicycle makes unusual noises while riding.
3.Shifting is not smooth
4.Riding the same distance, more tiring than before

List four bicycle parts:

  1. Chain. The chain is arguably the weakest and most important part of your bicycle. When checking the chain, pay attention to 3 details: rust (too dry), stiff links, and chain stretch.
    If there is rust, you need to check the dirt of the chain regularly. You can buy some tools online to clean it up.
    If you encounter a stiff link, try manually twisting the stiff section several times until it is as flexible as the surrounding links.
    Length is difficult to detect with the naked eye, and trying to check with a chain ruler is a good option.
  1. Brake. Braking is important, especially on a rim brake bike.
    For rim brakes you need to check that the grooves or “teeth” in the rubber are still visible, if they have worn out over the years, it’s time to replace them. Disc brakes generally rarely see signs of wear, but disc brakes often encounter the problem of “rubbing the disc”. At this time, you should also adjust the position of the disc correctly. Maybe you need to replace your brake pads.
  1. Tires. The tires carry all your weight and carry you thousands or even tens of thousands of kilometers.
    Tires are often scrapped for three reasons:
    They are worn to the point where there is no tread (or tread pattern).
    Rubber can rot and become brittle and lose grip, especially in wet conditions.
    The tires have large holes and you can even see the inner tube.
    When these three situations occur, you should replace your tires in time.
  1. Pedals\handlebars. Pedals and handlebars that aren’t adjusted regularly can make your ride look less pleasant.
    Make sure the rubber/foam material is not sticky and slippery before each ride. For pedals, the first task is to check if they are cracked or worn smooth. Test your grip with your foot on the pedals, and try sliding back and forth while pushing down to simulate pedaling. You should feel the pedal “bite” into the shoe and provide good grip.
    How often should a bike be serviced?
    The maintenance period varies according to the riding conditions. If you are a casual player, you can go to the store for a complete maintenance once a year. If you are a heavy user, it is recommended to carry out a maintenance after every long ride and check the bike before every ride.
  2. Why maintain your bike?
    Better performance guaranteed.
    In the long run, the cost is lower compared to buying a new bike.
    Keep your bike on standby

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