How to Choose A Handlebar for Your Bike

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The handlebar, saddles, and locking shoes constitute the “golden three points” of the human body and the single workshop. These three contact points determine the riding comfort and the overall compatibility between the rider and the body. The handlebar is set to a necessary consideration for a good cockpit system. Further, the shape, size, and correct setting of the handlebars are critical to the comfort of the rider’s shoulders, neck, back, arms, and hands, while avoiding the occurrence of partial paralysis. This time, I want to talk to you about how to choose a handlebar and provide a reference for novices who are interested in upgrading and remodeling their bike.

How wide should the handlebar be?

Generally speaking, it is recommended that riders decide the width of the handlebar according to their shoulder width, but this is only a standard, in addition to the rider’s riding style, riding habits, and comfort.

A wider carbon bike handlebar can improve riding comfort and handling. If you are a novice, or do not pursue aerodynamic advantages and prefer a light off-road Gravel route, it is recommended to choose a wider handlebar. On the contrary, if you want to develop into road racing or like to engage in long-distance riding, you can choose a narrower handlebar width. For example, if you should use a 420mm handlebar based on the shoulder width, you can change the handlebar width. into 400mm.

Aluminum or carbon fiber?

As for the material selection, some drivers still have to consider their own budget first. The difference between carbon fiber handlebars and aluminum alloy handlebars lies in weight and comfort. Carbon fiber handlebars are lighter in weight, and because carbon fiber is elastic and has a shock-absorbing effect, it will feel more comfortable to hold when riding. But relatively, the rigidity of carbon fiber handlebars is worse than that of aluminum alloys. In terms of durability and firmness, aluminum alloys are slightly better.

If you want to upgrade your bike, then changing the handlebars is definitely more beneficial than updating the wheelset or even a new bike. Find the most suitable handlebars according to your needs and physical constraints. It is recommended that novices who do not know their riding style or preferences can give priority to “comfort” and “handling”. After all, if you want to ride for a long time, Riding far, the relief of discomfort is still important!

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