How to Choose A So-called Good Bike for Yourself

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First of all, when we buy a carbon fiber mountain bike, we often ask a very vague question: what kind of bike do we buy or what kind of mountain bike do I buy?

The concept of “good” is actually a very subjective concept. If we want to answer the question of what kind of bicycle is “good”, we need to set many objective restrictions on it. For example, what do you want to do with this bicycle and how much budget do you have? These are two important objective conditions.

Then within these two conditions, we can say what kind of bike is better or more suitable.

So now, when we buy bicycles, whether it’s children’s physical exercise at school, commuting to and from work, we tend to choose a mountain bike. This is closely related to our general understanding and view of sports bikes for a long time, but does each of us need a mountain bike? Or can mountain bikes meet all our needs? The answer is Negative, or not-so-special affirmation.

When we bought the bike, the first impression was the shape, color, and appearance of the mountain bike. Secondly, we would listen to the introduction of the clerk, including its configuration, its transmission, how fast the transmission system is, whether it is a hydraulic front brake, whether its front fork belt is locked, etc.

But these are some very superficial configurations. In fact, for a mountain bike, we all know that its core component “frame” is often ignored – all-aluminum alloy frames – but in fact, it is different from ATX to XTC. They are all aluminum alloy frames, but the use of these two different frames has a very different trend – the ATX series, which is for the purpose of leisure riding. On the basis of leisure riding, XTC has added many factors for cross-country riding and mountain riding, so we need to pay attention to this.

Today we show a few points for choosing a bike for a newbie, if you want to get more info, please check our official website:

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