How to Choose A Suitable Bike?

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Brand. Let’s not worry about whether it is expensive or not, the quality must be guaranteed, right? Low-priced carbon fiber mountain bikes pull the hips in all directions. Don’t buy them for a few hundred dollars. This kind of bike looks good for you. It looks “mountainous” at first glance. , After buying it, all kinds of “drop chains”, the experience and lessons of people who come here!

Need. If you only usually commute to work, ride to school, and occasionally go off-road in the suburbs, then buying a cross country is enough. Riding on mixed roads in the city is not very demanding, and the configuration is not too good.

Shape. Everyone still attaches great importance to the appearance of the bicycle, and it is windier to ride out, which depends on personal feelings.

These 3 parts are the most important things in choosing a suitable bike for you. For more details please check our official website:

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