How to Choose the Right Bicycle Dropper Seatpost

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Dropper seat posts have become a development trend in recent years and have long been used in various mountain bike events.

The classification of the bike drop seat tube is mainly based on the different connection methods of the controllers that operate the lift, and different controllers bring different user experiences. Mainly divided into three types: manual control, wire control and wireless remote control.

The manual lift seat tube has the cheapest price and the lowest installation cost.

The wire-controlled dropper post is the most popular type of dropper post on the market. The control switch is mounted on the handlebar and is connected to the seat post by a wire tube. There are three related routing methods: upper routing, middle routing and inner routing.

The wireless electronic dropper post is expensive and eliminates the hassle of complicated wiring, and the controller and seat post are wirelessly connected.

27.2, 30.9, 31.6mm seat post and other conventional drop seat tubes are available in the market. Before purchasing a drop seat tube, it is necessary to find out the deepest depth supported by the seat tube hole of the frame, otherwise, the rear seat may be installed. The situation where the tube is too high when it is high and not low enough when it is low.

Trifox bike post AP316 is a dropper seat post that is widely used in mountain bikes.AP316 has three wiring options is that upper routing,center routing and bottom routing.31.6 carbon seat post also a mtb seat post.

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