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There are several factors you must consider before you want a mountain bike.

What type of mountain bike do you want to play with? What is the approximate budget? Do you want to be a pro-level competitor? Or do you just want to use it as an amateur fitness activity? You can choose the best trail bike for your needs based on your own budget. With all that in mind, one of the most important things to know about buying a mountain bike is whether the frame size is right for you. Buying a bike that doesn’t fit is like buying shoes that don’t fit, it’s very inconvenient.

The following points can determine whether this bike is suitable for you to ride:

1. You can lift the Stem and the seat cushion to see if the height is at the waist.

2. When the pedal is pressed to the bottom, the thigh and calf must be almost straight.

3. When you stand on the upper tube, the height from the upper tube to your thigh should be at least 8cm.


1. Ordinary mountain bike

If you are looking for a mountain bike that can be ridden on ordinary trails, then this is your best choice. The biggest feature of this mountain bike is that it has an excellent front fork shock absorber and a high-quality body made of steel, aluminum, alloy, or carbon fiber. In fact, this kind of mountain bike has the characteristics that many riders desire. This kind of bike is usually durable and will not bring you trouble in maintenance after many years of use.

The mountain bikes that are generally ridden do not care much about the weight of the bike itself, so its body structure is very strong. But it is not impossible to go in the direction of lightweights, like the ultra-light steel or aluminum body can make the weight of the whole car lighter, but generally speaking, unless it is a mountain bike for competitions, the weight of the car itself None of it matters.

2. Full-suspension mountain bike

The original purpose of installing the shock absorption system on the mountain bike was mainly to deal with the impact during the downhill race, but today, if you can have a reliable, light, and very comfortable mountain bike, even if it is not for the downhill race, is also very worthwhile.

The latest mountain bike is made according to the conditions of firmness and comfort. You can ride on the bike all day without feeling very tired, so the full shock absorption mountain bike is the most comfortable mountain bike. Today, full-shock-absorbing mountain bikes are no longer limited to downhill races. The way to distinguish it is that if this mountain-climbing bike is dedicated to downhill races, except for full shock absorption, all its parts are specially designed to adapt to It is designed for strong impact during downhill races, so its weight will be about 10 pounds (4-5kg) heavier than a general off-road full-shock mountain bike. On the premise of seeking comfort, you will choose a mountain bike with full shock absorption to participate in any kind of activity.


The off-road mountain bikes that professional players ride here are different from the stock or high-grade bicycles we see in the store. Professional players will choose lightweight and more efficient equipment in order to win. For this reason, they often have to endure a lot of discomfort, such as narrower tires and harder seat cushions, which are all sacrifices they make in order to get faster speeds.

In the design of off-road mountain bikes, it is better to climb as fast as possible when going uphill, and not too concerned about the special conditions when going downhill or encountering uneven road surfaces. Professional mountain bikes are quite light, sometimes under 23 pounds (10.5kg) including the front shock absorber.

For a long time, the mountain bikes ridden by downhill mountain bikers have been the same as those used in cross-country races, except that the front forks are equipped with longer-distance shock absorbers. But today, almost all downhill riders have chosen a full-shock mountain bike. Its shock absorber has a telescopic distance of at least 6 inches, and its weight is 10 to 15 pounds more than the average off-road mountain bike ( 20-30kg). The body used in the downhill race must be very strong because the impact force during the downhill will be transmitted from the front fork to the frame. Ordinary mountain bikes cannot bear it, and even cause the frame to disintegrate. Under the premise, weight is no longer the main consideration for downhill mountain bikes, but sturdiness is important.

There is one of the most special types of mountain bikes, which are mainly used to jump over various obstacles, unlike mountain bikes that are generally ridden on ordinary mountain roads. The characteristic of this kind of mountain bike is that it is specially designed for jumping, jumping, twisting, and climbing. This stunt car is used to jump over various obstacles like blocks, stones, long tables, and even cars. The difference between this mountain bike and the general off-road vehicle is that its body is very low, and the players have enough space to twist on the car.

3.Multi-purpose mountain bike

This kind of mountain bike is designed for those who love mountain bike activities and often ride bicycles between cities and mountain roads.

Although its body does not need to have a particularly strong body like a mountain bike, it still must meet the requirements of sturdiness and durability. The paintwork of the car body must be good to resist scratching, cutting, rubbing, and bumping in the city. You may also need to add racks and fenders because it needs to adapt to the road surface in the city. Its body is mostly made of steel, and aluminum alloy is also used as material, but steel is still the most.

4. Touring mountain bike

Mountain bikes are the ideal travel companions. Many people like to take mountain bikes to ride in scenic spots when traveling, and some even have little cycling experience. In any case, before deciding to plan cycling as part of your travel, you must pay attention to Some things:

The first thing to pay attention to is the choice of body material, because no matter when traveling around the world if the body fails, the only material that can be repaired by welding is steel, so the steel body is the most suitable for touring mountain bikes. Strong and durable components are one of the necessary conditions. Light components are not suitable for luggage, backpacks, or travel supplies, not to mention that the riding time and distance are usually long in the case of travel, and endurance is the most important.

Another important preparation before a trip is to carefully inspect the rim components. If there is no way to order a new rim set, you have to take the entire mountain bike to a good car dealer for inspection and refurbishment, check the flywheel, and replace the outer tire and inner tube with new ones, so as not to be damaged in the wilderness. suffering. You should choose a seat cushion that is very suitable for you and comfortable. It is best to test the ride for a period of time before the trip, not to test it during the trip. The material of the luggage rack should be strong, cheap aluminum products are sometimes easy to bend, and taller racks will be stronger.

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