How to effectively increase the speed of riding on flat roads during riding?

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Riders often care about their own performance when climbing. In fact, cruising speed on flat roads is also an important weapon when riding.

strengthening exercise

The following simple and efficient strengthening exercises can ideally improve the physical and psychological strength of the body to cope with the efficiency of long-term riding and flat roads. Warm up with light gear slewing for ten minutes, and immediately do a few ten-second interval sprints at the end of the ten minutes to really warm up your feet. The main training consists of two 20-minute continuous training sessions, and the training intensity is maintained at an intensity that can last until the end of the training session.

Use a heavy gear ratio, medium resistance, and a rotation speed of about 80-90rpm. Do five minutes of light gear ratio pedaling recovery between the two workouts, and finally do 10 minutes of light gear ratio pedaling at the end.

big sprocket only

Keep high-speed rotation and use a heavy gear ratio, the purpose is to train the muscular speed endurance of heavy gear ratio and high rotation speed, this training method is called BRO (Big Ring Only).

Ride on your normal training route, resist the temptation to switch to a smaller plate anyway, and pedal in a seated position, including any climbs, to train stronger glutes. After you’ve done some slow pedaling, you have to do some high-speed pedaling to balance it out so that your feet don’t lose the high-pedaling speed.

Chasing rabbit game

If your willpower is not firm, it is easy to stop or reduce your turn when cruising at high speed on flat roads. If you can’t increase your willpower to focus on your slalom, try being a bunny during group practice, and the group starts chasing the rabbit a few minutes after it sets off.

This game can make you have pressure to step harder to achieve the purpose of training. And the tacit understanding of each other can also be maintained in the chasing group so that the group wheeler can achieve greater efficiency.

With an indoor exercise bike

Efficient strength training can be achieved on an exercise bike to improve speed on flat roads. Squats, lunges, lower body weight training. Repeat each item ten to fifteen times, three cycles. Don’t neglect your core muscles, it can provide you with more strength to push heavier gears. Do some simple exercises to improve core stability.

Finally, if you want to ride strong on flat roads, you must have soft leg muscles and strong lower back extension to keep your body comfortably in a good aerodynamic posture. After training, you can spend an extra ten minutes stretching to keep your muscles stretched and supple.

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