How to improve the symptoms of cycling foot pain?

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Whether you ride a mountain bike, or a road bike, or are a loyal triathlon enthusiast, I believe that riders want to be able to ride comfortably. Regardless of whether the self-locking pedal system is used or not, has everyone encountered foot numbness or even foot pain?

In fact, numbness in the hands and feet is a common problem in cycling, and there are many reasons for discomfort in the hands and feet. However, at least half of the riders will mention numbness in hands, numbness in feet, and pain in feet when describing riding discomfort. , or symptoms such as leg weakness. Some of these problems are related to the settings of the riding vehicle, such as Fitting, and some are related to the body.

important support

When the human body rides a bicycle, there are three contact points: the handlebar, the seat cushion, and the pedals. These three contact points carry all the weight of the body. Any discomfort in any of them will cause discomfort when we ride. Among them, the feet It is also an important part of our power output, and the discomfort of the feet will bring a certain degree of burden to the body.

Single force point

Riders who do not use the self-locking click system usually suffer from foot pain and numbness because the force point on the pedal is not suitable, or the force point on the pedal is too single. However, the soles of the sports shoes we wear every day are generally soft, with good shock filtering effect and concentrated and single stress points, which cannot disperse the pressure on the soles of the feet like bicycle special shoes and insoles. For riders who do not use the self-locking system, players recommend using it to reduce the chance of foot pain and numbness.

different foot shapes

According to the foot shape, it can be roughly divided into five shapes: Egyptian, Greek, Roman, German, and Celtic. These five-foot shapes will also correspond to five different lock shoe last models, and different brands have different lasts The shape of the head is also different. For example, the shape of the last of BONT is suitable for the flat foot of the forefoot, Sidi is suitable for the Greek foot, and the last of Fizik or Giro is more pointed. A last that is not suitable for the foot shape will cause local compression, which will lead to local pain.

proper lock shoes

In the face of riders who experience foot numbness and foot pain when using the self-locking pedaling system, they can only find and solve the problem through a series of elimination methods.

Among the riders with foot numbness symptoms, more than 80% of them have the wrong lock shoe size. There is a great chance that the lock shoes are too large. If the feet are loose and shake in the shoes, it will cause an impact phenomenon, and slight high-frequency impact will cause It leads to numbness, which leads to numbness in the feet; foot pain is basically caused by inappropriate shoe size, inappropriate last and shoe shape wrapping and compressing the circulatory system and nervous system of the foot.

What kind of situation is called a suitable lock shoe? That is, when all the locking systems are loosened, there is no extra front and rear loose space for the feet in the shoes, and there will be no oppressive feeling in specific parts when the shoes are fastened. As for the numbness of the feet, it may be caused by improper adjustment of the cleats or improper arch support, resulting in deformation of the soles of the feet or unsmooth exertion of force.

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