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What is a Bicycle Hub?

The center part of the bicycle wheel connects to the rim by the Bicycle hub through the spokes, and the single-speed hub mounts through the spokes.
This allows the wheel to spin freely on both sets of bearings.

Choosing the Right Bike Wheel Hub.

Choose the correct bicycle wheel hub, make sure it is compatible with disc brakes or rim brakes, and have the same number of spoke holes as the mtb hub.

Consideration About Bicycle Hub

Bicycle hub weight on a bike with suspension, weight adds to the unsprung mass, this system will always benefit from reducing the weight of the hubs for mtb as much as possible.
On road bikes, reducing the weight of a road bike hub often affects ride quality and steering characteristics.
Strength and durability, ensuring that cycle hubs are built to last are critical, especially as they are susceptible to water and dirt.

Brake Disc Compatibility, if your bike uses disc brakes, you need the correct hubs to properly install the disc brakes.

Bicycle Hub M827 utilizes an internal clutch system, allowing the bike to back up without having to back up at the same time.

Bicycle Hub M827

Test to Find The Best Hubs for Mtb

Wheel aerodynamics often make headlines and marketing budgets.
Still, the reality is that bike wheel hubs have a bigger performance difference.
For example, when the vehicle speed is less than 35km/h, the power difference between wheels of the same depth is only 1-2W.
The bicycle hub accounts for about 60% of the rotational friction in a bicycle drivetrain.

Single Speed Hub Design Method

The most obvious is the choice of bearing type.
The vast majority of hubs for mtb use the Bicycle Hub M821 series.

Bicycle Hub M821

The outer ring and tapered bearings are a type of angular contact bearings.
Due to the axial contact angle, the outer ring and tapered bearings always have greater friction than radial bearings.
Bearing materials consider reducing friction in a subset.
The reality is that the choice of seal and grease will be more effective.
Shaft size determines the friction torque of the bearing.
Bicycle wheel hub axle sizes are common between 10mm and 17mm.
Smaller axles will always have lower friction torque because the moment bars are shorter, the negative is that the bike hub will have more flex and the bearings won’t last as long.

Raw Materials of Bicycle Hub

Machining accuracy, many of the best mtb hubs made by TRIFOX are made by forging aluminum 7075 alloy before machining the bearing platform.
This is a standard process but can be fraught with quality control issues.
Misalign bearings due to slack clamps and too tight holes due to cutting tool wear can seriously affect friction levels.

Upgrade Mountain Bike Hub

Replacing cycle hubs straight from the factory is not cost-effective unless the rider needs the ultimate marginal gain.
It is preferable to wait until the bearing wears out before retrofitting.


Generally speaking, the mtb hub recommended by TRIFOX is Bicycle Hub T18.

Bicycle Hub T18

They are low friction, well made, and use high-quality factory bearings.

Of course, there is a lot to consider, but with TRIFOX you are in the right hands!
Regardless of specs, we manufacture the best hubs for mtb in our factory for every discipline of the bike.
You can visit our best mtb hubs page for more information about our products!

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