How to maintain the bicycle to keep its best performance

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As a professional cyclist, it can be said to be the most basic skill by maintaining one’s own bicycle. Only by maintaining your bicycle regularly to keep the performance and comfort of the bicycle.

So, in normal times, how should you maintain your bicycle to keep the best bicycle performance and comfort?

For bicycle maintenance, there are many ways. For example, the easiest way is to take it to a professional bicycle shop for maintenance. The advantage is that you can save time.

And because the bicycle shop has a complete set of tools, the technicians are also very professional. Therefore, when cleaning up, it will be more professional and more comprehensive.

Because when carrying out bicycle maintenance, if you want to carry out the most comprehensive maintenance, the necessary tools are indispensable. Places such as chains, bottom brackets, wrist units, and freewheels can only be disassembled with professional tools.

About bicycles, try not to clean some parts directly on the frame. Because it’s not just non-thorough cleaning, but also affects the frame to a certain extent, which will more or less cause a certain degree of corrosion to the frame.

Therefore, try to use professional tools to remove the parts for cleaning, so that the maintenance effect will be the best.

Remove the relevant parts for cleaning, and apply the corresponding lubricating oil, then you will find that they are not much different from the brand new ones.

However, many riders, prefer to clean their bikes by themselves. Cycling life, the cycling equipment itself is our toy, only you can experience the fun when you integrate into it.

Although professional bicycle shops clean very comprehensively, they do not need to be cleaned frequently for someplace like the headset and the bottom bracket. As for the entire transmission system, if it is exposed to rain, it may be dirty, and it must be cleaned.

In fact, it is not exposed to rain, as long as it is dirty, it is necessary to carry out related maintenance as much as possible. However, if only the chain needs to be cleaned, there is no need to go to the bike shop for maintenance. By doing it yourself, it may be more fulfilling, and it is not very troublesome.

Only by regular maintenance of your own variable speed bike can you keep the performance of your bicycle for a long time and bring you a better riding experience.

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