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The carbon seatpost is the tube that connects the rigid frame to the saddle you sit on, and is one of the most important parts of the bike.
An ideal seat post for bike can play an important role, who improving the ride quality.
The best carbon seatpost can support most of your weight on the bike and must be able to carry that weight while maintaining a proper riding angle and not moving.
While the seat post mtb may good enough for the job at hand, if you want to upgrade the kit or replace a damaged one, the new bike seat pole can save weight to reduce vibration, making it easier to ride farther.

Carbon Seatpost Material

The seatpost is made of carbon fiber or aluminum.
The 31.6 carbon seatpost is cheaper to manufacture and has good durability.
A carbon fiber seatpost is the best choice for premium bikes, who benefits your riding.
Featuring a carbon seatpost, the SLS21 Bike Seatpost is designed for riders who appreciate premium ride quality.

SLS21 Bike Seatpost

Seat Bicycle Post Size Varies by Bike

The bike post has standard diameters, and the sizes are as follows,
RHB has 27.2 seatpost/27.2 mm seatpost/carbon seatpost 27.2/seatpost 27.2 mm and seatpost 31.6 mm/31.6 mm seatpost.
MTB has 30.9 seatpost/30.9 mm seatpost/seatpost 30.9 mm and 31.6 seatpost.
When replacing your mountain bike seatpost, make sure you are checking the bike to ensure the replacement is appropriate.
The CDS100 Layback Seatpost typically uses a 27.2 mm seatpost.

CDS100 Layback Seatpost

Ranging in length from 75mm to 430mm, the mtb seatpost is usually longer than a road bike seatpost.
Road cyclists prefer mtb seatpost to save weight and adjustment while riding is not that important.
Layback seatpost is more popular among mountain bikes because they can be adjusted to suit different riding rules.

Dropper Seatpost

The AP316 Dropper Seatpost gains enormous popularity among mountain bikers in recent years.
A handlebar or saddle-mounted switch or lever allows the rider to quickly lower the saddle for technical descents.

AP316 Dropper Seatpost

Our 29er mountain bike frame has a full internal dropper post routing for easy upgrades.

How To Install A Carbon Seat Post?

There are 3 steps to installing the carbon mtb seatpost.

1. Apply a thin layer of carbon assembly paste to the bike seat post and inside of the seat tube to keep the parts from moving.

2. Insert the cycle seat post into the seat tube, noting the minimum insertion depth marked on the axle.

3. As recommended in the product manual, tighten the bolts on the setback seatpost clip to a specific Newton meter.

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