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You’re always on the lookout for new bikes and keep seeing Chinese carbon frame mtb from Chinese sellers at ridiculously low prices.
There has to be a trap, right?
The best mtb frame will not only spend your hard-earned money but also nothing will come out.
Mountain bike frames for sale have exploded over the past 30 years.

Chinese Carbon Frame Mtb MFM100

Cheap Payment of Chinese Carbon Frame Mtb

Anyway, while I love all the trail framesets that have been invented over the past few decades, I can’t bring myself to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new ride.
Mainly because the “racing” era is over and mtb frames for sale are overpriced.
“The list of overpriced xl frame mountain bikes goes on and on.
My attitude meant I was relatively slow to adopt the 21-inch frame mountain bike.

You Want to Have Chinese Carbon Frame Mtb

A few years ago, all I needed was the best mountain bike frames.
I’m still riding the 26″ suspension frame, I’m in love with 29ers and tired of rebuilding the wheelset.
Being a cheapskate, instead of buying a brand new full sus frame, I decided to upgrade what I had with a new full suspension bike frame.
So, when looking for a new full suspension frame, my need for “stylish and unique” quickly clashed with my reluctance to spend a fortune.

What If I Bought Chinese Carbon Frame Mtb?

When you start perusing full suspension MTB frames for sale on eBay, you can quickly be overwhelmed by listings of full suspension mountain bike frames shipping from China.
Like everyone with this dilemma, I’m struggling with “how stupid is it to buy a Chinese carbon frame mtb?”.
The reason I finally convinced myself to take it was “A new high-end name brand xc mtb frame costs $1,500.
So, I ordered a 29er mountain bike frame in China.

Experience with Cheap Mtb Frames

The first thing that surprised me was how quickly the single-speed mountain bike frame was updated.
This is the kind of mtb cycle frame problem I often see with these types.
I have to wait for the carbon fiber mtb frame to actually arrive and can measure the carbon mtb frame 29er before ordering parts like seat clips and front derailleur.

My 29er Mountain Bike Frame Sticker

The most interesting part for me is that cheap mtb frames are a blank canvas ready for my own carbon mtb frame.
I found a company online that sells fonts for mountain bike frame stickers and used their font of choice to make the TRIFOX brand.
After that, assembling the carbon 29er frame was easy and I was ready to hit the road.

Chinese Carbon Frame Mtb with Fork MFT200

Performance of Mtb Cycle Frame

So, after using the carbon fiber mountain bike frame for a few years, I’m ready to talk about the experience.
First of all, the mtb frame 29 is not bad and I am not a light guy.
As a carbon mountain bike frame mechanic, any kind of noise would drive me crazy about it.
In my opinion, the squeaks and clicks equate to the mtb frame 29er about to crack.
I’m starting to realize that the mtb bike frame naturally makes a lot of unnatural noise.
But almost immediately, my 29er frame cracked/squeaked from the integrated headphone area.
There are no tried solutions like carbon paste on the mountain bike carbon fiber, not just short-lived.

If you want to know more about the mtb frame, please be free to click TRIFOX.

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