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(Image Credit: TRIFOX)

The best XC fork combines smooth and controlled damping with a lightweight yet stiff design.
Here are the best XC forks on the market as listed by Bike Perfect.

The best XC forks have lockout switches that are lightweight and efficient while providing enough support to keep you from being unstable on challenging climbs.

XC forks changed mountain biking.
It takes some of the damping load off your body and dramatically improves traction and control.

Allowing the rider to travel at high speeds over rougher terrain.

XC forks are now high-performance specialty components, and trail riders demand to build the best mountain bikes.

How to Choose a Better XC Fork?

Carbon MTB XC Fork QMK100

TRIFOX tried to reduce the weight of its short-travel performance fork, and it just stripped out unwanted material.
The lower third of the fork’s lower portion is cut off, and the stance is noticeably narrower in Boost and non-Boost formats, which also means less material is needed in the crown.
High-end models see striking red with black lowering and offer high- and low-speed compression damping.

Carbon MTB XC Fork QMK200

MTB used to be all about climbing and the goal was just surviving the descent.
As riders become more skilled, bike technology and geometry improve at near-light speed.

Descents become more and more relevant to the overall equation, and more technical.

TMK Series MTB Fork

The Carbon MTB XC Fork TMK200 follows a similar idea to its shorter-travel sibling, but with changes to better accommodate the extra travel and strut diameter.
The cutout on the Carbon MTB XC Fork TMK200 is on the lower outboard, and the fork also receives the same lightweight 8mm damping axle.

Carbon MTB XC Fork TMK200

The new Carbon MTB XC Fork TMK100 is not only TRIFOX’s lightest XC fork but also the lightest 100mm telescopic fork of any brand, weighing just 700 grams, ready to install.
This is due in part to the meticulously sculpted 32mm pillar chassis, with a machined and anodized crown replacing the one-piece carbon fiber top of its predecessor.
The top cap and locking lever have been heavily drilled and machined to chase every gram, and the rebound adjuster is just a slim pull-out Allen key.

Carbon MTB XC Fork TMK100

Finally, we do compression tuning and locking.
Most XC forks allow for compression adjustment or the rate at which the fork is compressed under force.

More expensive XC forks will split this tuning into high-speed compression and low-speed compression.
The low-speed compression helps the fork support your weight, but it can come at the expense of small bump sensitivity.
High-speed compression is a reaction to a sudden impact, too!

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