Hub — A Bike Parts Make You Feel Magical

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Bike Hub T18

To begin with, the appearance of the hub likes a musical instrument hub and is a bearing, that connects to the rim through the car bar.
Secondly, the hub plays the role of connecting spokes and axle, and the riding speed is directly affected by the quality of the hub.
What’s more, there are two types of bicycle hubs, including a V-brake, and a disc brake.
Last but not least, Aluminum hubs are generally high-end hubs, which can be installed on MTB and RHB.

Bike Hub M827

1. The Main Body of The Hub
The largest build of the hubs consists of the spokes and steel bowls, made of Aluminum Alloy 6061 (body) and Aluminum Alloy 7075 (Axle).
There are also carbon fiber materials that are lightweight, while different materials and processing techniques will have different effects.

Bike Hub M821

2. Axis
The hub connects series with the main body of the hub, and the balls are even hollow to accommodate the lower quick release lever.
The load-bearing of the whole car and the impact whenever riding has to be borne by the axle.
The materials of the shaft are generally: Aluminum and Steel.

Bike Hub T18

3. Balls or Bearings
If the balls or bearings don’t go smoothly, the hub can’t be used.
It is obviously an important issue for everyone to choose loose balls or bearings.

Bike Hub M827

4. Taki
The freewheel carries the flywheel and transmits the output power of our thighs to the hub, which in turn drives the spokes, making it easy to go downhill.
The freewheel comprehensionly includes a freewheel body, jack, circular circlip, and a bunch of loose beads.

Bike Hub M827

5. Quick Release Lever
The quick-release lever is easy to use, which allows us to quickly remove and install the wheel, and has a steel or titanium shaft with nuts fastened at both ends.

Bike Hub M827

In total, the hub determines the speed of riding, with an excellent hub making your riding smoothly, and a great brand manufacturer determines the quality of the hub.

I wish you guys enjoy the fun of riding, which benefits your daily life!

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