Is it necessary to wear cycling clothes when riding a bike?

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When cycling long distances, best road bike frame, the jersey is just as important as the helmet.
The function of the riding suit is not only to reduce the wind resistance of riding, for example, road bike frame the reflective strips on the riding suit can let others see you at night, which improves the safety of riding at night, and the well-designed riding trousers pad can also be used during riding. Provide all-around protection from the sitting bones to the key parts, reduce the pressure caused by the contact of the seat bag, and effectively reduce the friction between the thighs when riding for a long time.

Do cycling clothes have to be tight-fitting?
uncertain. Generally speaking, single speed mtb frame, in order to reduce the windward area of ​​the cycling clothing and reduce the air resistance, the more professional cycling clothing is, the tighter it is and the better the fit to the body, but for ordinary amateur riders,
The first consideration should be the comfort of wearing. The loose cut is more conducive to the evaporation of sweat. Therefore, it is best to choose a looser product for the first time when choosing cycling clothes.

Is it necessary to wear underwear when wearing cycling shorts?
Try not to wear it for long-distance cycling with mtb handlebars, and short-distance leisure cycling in the city can be based on personal preferences.
When riding a carbon fiber bicycle, will inevitably cause friction between the skin of the thighs. Long-term friction will cause the skin to become inflamed, and the material of the underwear is generally cotton, which has strong sweat absorption and poor perspiration ability, which not only easily breeds bacteria but also increases the bicycle seat cushion. friction between the thigh and the thigh, causing unnecessary injury.

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