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Many forums recommend carbon fiber handlebars because of their shock-absorbing properties.
One of the most annoying aspects of cycling is vibration — by bikesportnews

Do Carbon Fiber Handlebars Reduce Vibration?

Yes, carbon fiber handlebars do reduce vibration.
Comparing 31.8 handlebars or bicycle bars, there is less vibration when cycling with integrated handlebars.
But bike bars are more expensive and the difference in riding isn’t worth the extra price.
There are other ways to reduce vibration without pulling out a new cycle handlebar.
Here’s what you need to know about switching to bicycle handlebars on your bike.

Carbon Fiber Handlebars RHB200

What Is The Difference Between Carbon Fiber Handlebars And Integrated Handlebars?

The difference between carbon handlebars and carbon handlebars is the material.
Carbon bars are made of carbon fiber.
Carbon road bike handlebars, commonly referred to as bike handlebars, are made from several different types of aluminum alloys.
The difference in material results of the 31.8 handlebars.
Carbon fiber is a lighter material than aluminum, so bike bars are also lighter.

Carbon Fiber Handlebars FHB100

Another major benefit is that these bike bars have a built-in flex mode, which is part of the reason some riders report lower vibration when using cycle handlebars.
The flexibility of carbon fiber means that manufacturers can shape it into more shapes than traditional metal bike handlebars.

Gives you more options to find bike handlebars that fit your riding style.
This advantage and the relative lightness of the material is why many professionals choose carbon handlebars.

How Does The Carbon Handlebar Reduce Vibration?

There are several reasons why carbon bars reduce vibration better than carbon road bike handlebars.
Since carbon fiber is a more flexible material, carbon fiber handlebars move with the bumps and the road.
This transfers shocks away from your hands better than a rigid integrated handlebar.
Some riders swear by the 31.8 handlebars so much that they even switch to bicycle bars to add more shock absorption to the seat.
After a bumpy ride, most riders will try whatever they can to reduce vibration, including switching to a mostly carbon fiber setup.

Carbon Fiber Handlebars RHB300

Are Bike Bars Really Effective?

If one of the benefits of cycle handlebars is vibration reduction.

Why do people still use bike handlebars or bike handlebars?
While carbon handlebars designing to redistribute vibration, and some riders do report drastic changes after switching, the solution is not that simple.
Others report improvements when switching to carbon handlebars, but not enough to justify the hassle of replacing carbon bars or carbon road bike handlebars.
There are other reasons why some cyclists think carbon fiber handlebars are more trouble than they’re worth.

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