This Winter is still Beautiful

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The warm-up time before riding should be extended. Warming up is essential for winter riding. The lower the temperature, the longer the warm-up distance. It is best to ride slowly until you feel your whole body start to sweat and the soles of your feet are hot. After a period of warm-up, you can also sense the grip of the road surface and tires, thus determining the intensity of riding. At the beginning of riding, it is not recommended to ride hard. At normal speed, use a slightly higher cadence to warm up the bike as soon as possible, so as not to cause damage to the bearings and balls due to uneven grease.


In winter, the temperature is relatively low, and the human body consumes a lot of heat. When dressing, the three principles of windproof, warm and breathable should be considered first.When the temperature is between 5°C and 15°C, you can choose the combination of upper body quick-drying underwear + long-sleeved cycling jersey, lower body fleece cycling pants or long johns + cycling pants, the temperature is not very low, during the riding process, The heat consumption is not very large. The quick-drying underwear and cycling clothes have good air permeability. Some quick-drying underwear has a thickened fiber layer on the chest. The direct contact of the legs reduces drag and heat loss.

When the temperature is between -5℃~+5℃, you can choose the combination of quick-drying underwear + fleece + windbreaker for the upper body, long and thick cycling pants for the lower body, or short cycling pants + wool pants + sports pants, now advanced Winter jerseys are generally designed with inner fleece and an outer layer of wind-blocking material, which is very suitable for riding activities in this temperature.

When the temperature is below -5°C, long-distance riding activities are not recommended. Short-distance riding is recommended. The combination of quick-drying underwear + fleece + jacket, and the combination of thermal underwear + thick cycling pants can be considered for the lower body.


Because of the low temperature in winter, it is easier for people to consume physical energy and fat when cycling. Therefore, you should consume more protein than usual, which can help muscle repair and growth, sweat less in winter riding, and supplement with green vegetables and dairy products.

When cycling in winter, water will be lost very quickly. Eat something when you feel hungry and drink some water when you are thirsty; drink something hot before exercising; use a thermal water bottle to drink Add hot water and attach a kettle cover to keep the hot water running longer.

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