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What is a full-suspension mountain bike?

Full-suspension mountain bikes refer to mountain bikes with front and rear shock absorbers, and hard-tailed mountain bikes have only one front suspension fork. (In China, full-suspension mountain bikes are usually mistakenly called soft tails, which are actually two types of models.)

The full-suspension mountain bike is a very comfortable bike, not only comfortable, these shock absorbers can adapt to various complex mountain terrains and can run more stably and faster on various complex surfaces. A good suspension system provides more comfort control (keeping your wheels on the ground) and enjoyment (riding faster, further, further)

Disc brakes, wide handlebars, and wide tires are currently the standard equipment for mountain bikes. Common body materials include carbon fiber and aluminum alloys, as well as steel and titanium bikes. Wheels generally come in 27.5 and 29-inch wheels, depending on personal preference.

Generally speaking, the price of full-suspension mountain bikes is more expensive than ordinary mountain bikes. First of all, full-suspension mountain bikes usually use carbon fiber materials. This price is definitely expensive. Mountain bikes usually use more Sulian kits. One A high-end SRAM transmission is enough for you to buy a traditional mountain bike.

Buying a bike that combines light weight, strength, and comfort can be expensive. Bikes are like cars, you can probably get a car that does the job for less, or spend a few million on a luxury supercar.

How long do full-suspension bikes last?

Full-suspension mountain bikes have a long lifespan. Of course, if accidents are not included. Other parts, such as chains, brakes, pads, and tires, must be replaced periodically. The frame, cranks, seat post, and other basic components should last at least 5 to 7 years. Learning to maintain regularly will make the mountain bike last longer, and the cost of regular maintenance is much lower than that of mountain bikes.

Should you try a full-suspension mountain bike? Most mountain bikes are more used for long-distance travel, and mountain bikes are rarely used to run on complex road conditions. Compared with the price, hard-tailed mountain bikes are actually a better choice.

Hardtail bikes are generally lighter than full-suspension bikes because they have a simpler design with fewer parts. If your riding involves a lot of climbing or long walks, saving weight can be a good thing.

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