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In winter, we often have to face the snow-covered ground and mountain roads, but this will certainly not stop enthusiasts from riding enthusiasm. There are some snow riding tips for cycling enthusiasts, unless you have the kind of snowmobile with particularly exaggerated tires, these tips must be useful to you.

Adjust your mentality: First of all, you must realize that snow riding is much more difficult and slower than ordinary riding, especially when climbing a slope, you may need to go back and forth to go up the mountain smoothly. The best thing to do is to focus on the feet, your goal is to move forward a little bit, don’t rush it.

Replace the appropriate pedals: Even if it snows heavily, many friends still ride bicycles. In the snow, you need to repeat the action of getting on and off the bike frequently. In this case, it is more convenient to use non-locking pedals. First of all, the flat pedals without locks are more convenient for clearing snow, and it also allows you to choose thicker winter boots. This is not only good for keeping your feet warm but also will not cause headaches like walking in locked shoes when you need to carry out many activities. . It is very important to know that it is very important to keep your feet warm in severe cold.

Lower the tire pressure: You can control the tire pressure of your tires. If you ride in the snow for a long time, you can release more air. If it is the kind of road that is completely covered with snow, reduce the tire pressure to the lowest level. This applies to those friends who don’t have a special snowmobile, a little difference can produce two different results for riding and pushing.

Smaller gears for better cadence: Riding in the snow usually means you don’t do aggressive moves like sprints and jumps. The suggestion is to choose a small gear ratio, sit well on the saddle, and maintain a relatively comfortable high cadence so that you can ride for a long time.

Prepare for mountain climbing: On snowy roads, the riding conditions are usually more complicated, and only a small part of many routes are suitable for rushing downhill. Mountain climbing in the snow is a very special experience, and of course, there will be some special skills. It is recommended to control the center of gravity of the body reasonably. If the snow shell is relatively hard, the center of gravity of the body should be moved forward, so as not to damage the surface of the snow. If the snow is soft, the center of gravity of the body should be moved backward, so as to gain better power. In a word: true knowledge comes from practice!

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