Some common causes of a bicycle tire blowout

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  1. Sharp objects penetrate the bike tire
    When you encounter a tire blowout caused by sharp objects such as iron wires and glass pieces penetrating the tire on the road, then you must find these culprits during repairs to reduce the damage they cause to the new tire. According to unwritten statistics, punctures in this case account for more than 70%.
  2. The aging of the inner tube causes a tire blowout
    As the riding time gets longer, the aging of the inner tube will also lead to a blowout. This happens only after using the bicycle for a year. If you ride often, the tires age at a slower rate than those you don’t often ride. If you park a bicycle in a place with a large temperature and humidity difference, and you don’t ride it for a long time, the tires are extremely prone to ageing. This is probably the reason for need frequent cycling.
  3. The thinning and aging of the outer tire lead to a blowout
    Tire wear and aging are also one of the reasons for blowout. Cycling 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers will increase the probability of blowout. Even a small stone can cause great damage to the tire.
  4. Inflated too much leads to tire blowout
    Under normal circumstances, riders use pumps with tire pressure display, unless they forget to carry them when going out or are new to the road. Inlated too much gas into the tire. In this case, the blowout sound is very loud and the way is quite tragic. Your tire will have a super large opening, which is a real blowout. Don’t think that inflating enough will make the bicycle easier to ride. This will only increase the probability of a blowout and cause you more trouble.
  5. Deformation of the outer tire leads to a blowout
    Tire deformation, the probability of this occurrence is not high, some tires are added with iron wire to strengthen the toughness of the tire. Once the tire deforms, the wire breaks will cause damage to the inner tube and cause it to burst.

Understand some common causes of blowout, remember to take precautions in advance, this is more effective than any method.

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