Cycling is a healthy and natural way to travel, which not only allows the cyclist to fully enjoy the beauty of the riding process but also brings certain benefits to the cyclist’s body. Why do you say that? Here are some of the benefits of riding a carbon fiber roadContinue Reading

For riders, it is very important to have a good frame for their bike, because the frame, as the skeleton of the entire bicycle, determines and affects the correctness and comfort of the riding posture to the greatest extent. Of course, the material of the framesets will also affect theContinue Reading

Women’s body shape and muscle composition are very different from men’s. Although not everyone meets these criteria, women are generally more flexible, weigh less, have lower elevations, have wider ischial tuberosities, narrow shoulders, shorter arms, and have a larger leg-to-torso ratio …and these all affect the setting of road bikes.Continue Reading

With the impact of the COVID-19, more and more people are riding bicycles to exercise. Today, I recommend an AERO road bike frame to everyone, which will bring good news to couples. TRIFOXBIKE launched the thru-axle model of the AERO road bike in November 2021. The paint is changed. ItContinue Reading