For riders, it is very important to have a good frame for their bike, because the frame, as the skeleton of the entire bicycle, determines and affects the correctness and comfort of the riding posture to the greatest extent. Of course, the material of the framesets will also affect theContinue Reading

Carbon fiber is a high-strength and modulus high-temperature resistant fiber, which is a high-end variety of chemical fiber. It is mainly composed of carbon atoms and is about 5-10 microns in diameter. To create carbon fibers, carbon atoms are bonded together in the crystals, and the parallel alignment of theContinue Reading

Many first-time single-speed riders find their passion by converting traditional mountain bikes to single-speed riding. But once you’re hooked, it’s time to look for a framework built for that purpose. Through this article, I will give you a brief introduction to the benefits of a single-speed mountain bike frame andContinue Reading

What we call carbon fiber is actually a composite material with carbon as the main material, and carbon fiber composite material is not the only material in bicycle frames, rims, and carbon bars. This is because the ultra-high rigidity of carbon fiber is a prerequisite for the process. When theContinue Reading

Most novice cyclists hate riding in crowded urban areas. “Too dangerous on the road” and “no special bike lane” are the problems that many novice cyclists suffer from. So here are some tips for newbies to ride in urban areas, so that they can ride their bikes more safely. First:Continue Reading

Cycling is the best way of life for both sports and travel, “driving is too fast, walking is too slow, cycling is the only way to see the most beautiful scenery in life”, my favorite phrase perfectly explains the meaning of cycling! When you ride your beloved bike, walking throughContinue Reading