One of the most important factors that determine the comfort and performance of your mountain bike is the frame size. A poorly fitted frame can not only lead to discomfort or pain but also increases the risk of injury. That’s why it’s important to choose the right size for yourContinue Reading

1、Healthy breathing theory There is a lot of knowledge about breathing, and it is not so easy to discuss and study it. Different sports have different breathing characteristics. And some good breathing methods also need to be developed. To put it simply, only a sufficient oxygen supply can guarantee theContinue Reading

Mountain biking is an adrenaline-rushing sport that requires a high-quality bike with an equally sturdy frame. If you’re a serious biker searching for an affordable, durable, high-performance mountain bike frame, look no more. Welcome to the Trifox bike – 29er Carbon MTB Hardtail Frame. Trifox bikes are widely-known for theirContinue Reading

In the cycling circle, have you noticed such a phenomenon that every rider can’t tell the actual age. Because most people who participate in cycling look much younger than their peers, why is this? I believe that many riders have this experience. After participating in cycling for a period ofContinue Reading

When a novice just starts riding a bicycle, he will encounter such confusion during the riding process. What is the difference between high and low cadence? What cadence is suitable for racing? What cadence is suitable for everyday cycling? How to choose my cadence? Let’s talk about why cadence isContinue Reading