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Road bicycles, commonly known as bicycle racing, are bicycles designed for road riding and can be used in road cycling competitions.

The road bicycles referred to here refer to road bicycles for competition, not bicycles suitable for asphalt roads in general (such as touring bikes, and folding bikes). A standard road bike generally includes a frame, front fork, wheelset, kit, head tube (also known as a spigot), handlebars, seat cushion, seat tube, pedals, chain, and flywheel.

The most important characteristics of a road bike are its weight and speed.

1. In terms of weight, road bicycles widely use new materials on the frame and various components, such as aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and titanium alloy, so as to reduce the weight of road bicycles and achieve the goal of being lightweight.

2. In terms of speed, the design of road bicycles will give priority to aerodynamics and give up a certain degree of comfort. For example, road bicycles generally use flat front forks, the position of the lower handle is generally lower than the seat cushion, and the width of the outer tire is relatively large. Small. Also, road bikes have a very large cassette-to-chain ratio (i.e., gear ratio), usually 53:11 or higher.

In addition, the standard riding position of road bikes lowers the body stance and reduces the frontal area to the wind, reducing wind resistance and enabling higher speeds.

Carbon Road Bike Frame X10

Of course, the soul of a road bike is the frame, and a good frame can give a road bike a huge boost. Compared with the frame made of aluminum alloy or titanium alloy, I am more optimistic about the frame made of carbon fiber. The advantages of carbon fiber frames are very obvious. They are light in weight, high in strength, strong in rigidity, and high in plasticity. They are ideal materials for manufacturing advanced sports bicycle parts. performance.

Combined with these characteristics of carbon fiber, the development of carbon fiber road bike frames is gradually improving. It is believed that more and more riders will realize the importance of carbon fiber road frames to road bicycles and use it to assemble their own bike!

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