The difference between several materials of the bicycle frame.

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Among the many brands on the market, each car has different materials and characteristics, so how do you buy a car that meets your needs? First of all, it is to understand the characteristics of various materials! The road bike frame is divided into many kinds, from steel, aluminum, carbon fiber to titanium, the advantages and disadvantages of each material are very different, today I will introduce them to you one by one so that after a full understanding, you can make the right choice!


Steel is the earliest material used to make bicycles, now have steel tube car enthusiasts, most of them are in a collection mood to see the car. Generally speaking, steel bikes are heavier in weight, but sometimes when we meet bikers who ride steel tubes on the road and climb hills, they can even pull others! I always cast awe on these predecessors, in addition to the unique taste, but also the strength of the representative of the brave foot!

Steel quality will be the first to be used, mainly because for a long time, the most rigid in addition to the tube is also more flexible, less likely to accumulate metal fatigue, and natural metal characteristics, but also make the frame joint and other processing easier to carry out, the initial low-cost car more use this material, and later developed the emerging alloy steel, in the same rigidity will reduce the weight, more used to make high-intensity climbing, downhill car, or high price collection road car, this special design retro shape, mainly as a work of art taste to appreciate.

This material is prone to rust, so in addition to the weather, it is important to pay attention to the maintenance afterward.


Aluminum is currently the most common material used in bicycles. It is a lighter-weight metal and more affordable, so it is the choice of many newcomers to road bikes.

Considered as a material with high CP value, aluminum alloy has many advantages, such as the best hardness and rigidity performance in a short period of time, and it is easy to shape itself, and the production process can easily change the tube shape through the mechanics, and the tube can be drawn extremely thin to achieve both lightweight and strength. Aluminum car maintenance is also much simpler, unlike the steel tube so easy to rust, even if it rains to ride, home as long as the basic wash, wipe the car steps can be, for beginners, or lazy editor, relatively not too much burden!

Aluminum bikes have many advantages and are widely used in different types of bikes, from commuter bikes, mountain bikes to road bikes, and even some carbon fiber frame parts are still made of aluminum. Of course, there are still some, the aluminum frame is relatively inflexible, and it is very easy to accumulate mental fatigue, while the hardness is strong, it weakens the function of absorbing road vibration, and the comfort level may not be enough for long-distance riding.


Carbon fiber is a relatively new technology, but also the most favorite option for road bike riders, will ride into the interest after a period of time, many riders will upgrade to carbon fiber car, in addition to more sure of the hobby of cycling, but also to join the ranks of performance of racing, and a variety of high single-price bike supercar, air force car, etc., are also made of carbon fiber, in the end, what is the charm, so that road cyclists love it, the Everyone a carbon fiber car? Let’s take a look!

First of all, carbon fiber can produce an extremely light frame, the process is a piece of the carbon fiber cloth, corresponding to the direction of the mechanics of the principle, layer by layer stack to produce density and strength, through the material stretching force and forming, so that light and the strong frame was born! The elastic shock absorption of carbon fiber was originally used in sports prosthetics and other equipment and later developed into a shock-free road frame, giving full play to its excellent characteristics of impact absorption. Then, the fiber sheet is added to the resin and burned solid forming method, which can create a variety of shapes of the frame, and then with the colorful paint coloring, the beautiful and eye-catching dream frame in front of you, no wonder the enthusiasts fall for it!

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