The frame is the soul of the bike

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For riders, it is very important to have a good frame for their bike, because the frame, as the skeleton of the entire bicycle, determines and affects the correctness and comfort of the riding posture to the greatest extent.

Of course, the material of the framesets will also affect the rider’s riding experience to a certain extent. Here, I strongly recommend one of the best road bike frames of trifoxbike: X10TA made of carbon fiber.

Carbon Road Bike Frame X10

carbon fiber raw materials for X10TA are derived from Toray T800 high-quality. The carbon fiber is flexible on the outside and rigid on the inside. It is lighter than aluminum alloy, but has more strength than steel. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, shock resistance, and high modulus. It is important material and is always used in national defense, military, and civilian applications. It not only has the inherent characteristics of carbon materials, but also has the soft processability of textile fibers. It is a new generation of reinforcing fibers that has many excellent properties.

The frame adopts one-piece molding technology, so that the frame has a good force distribution performance. And the high-rigidity geometric structure of the frame makes the stability of the frame, the lateral rigidity of the front fork, the rigidity of the bottom bracket, and the comfort of the frame all achieve harmony and unity, the frame incorporates every tube and every detail into aerodynamics and ergonomics. The design concept is to reduce the hand offset from the tube shape, enhance the lateral rigidity, and provide pedaling efficiency, more like A comprehensive and high-performance tank, its advantage lies in its compatibility.

Carbon Road Bike Frame X10

Its available colors are red/camouflage/white, red symbolizes unrestrainedness, courage, and fighting spirit, camouflage symbolizes glory and firm belief, and white symbolizes peace and holiness. I believe that these colors of the frame can meet your expectations for the bike you assemble yourself.

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